Does 3 Weeks Diet Plan Really Work?


Brian Flatt is a sports nutritionist, a head coach and a personal trainer, being the ultimate fitness guru and has extensive experience in his area of expertise. It was his brain child, the 3 week diet plan, based on good body science that is a program which guarantees a weight loss of 12-23 pounds in just 21 days.

This exclusive diet plan is in the form of a 95 page e-Book that is available online and is segregated into four basic segments including exercise, diet, motivation, mindset and will power. A lot of people have benefited from his knowledge and learned how to lose fat, even the one that clings to your bodies and vows to never let go, and to increase muscularity.

The Introduction Manual: As a way of introducing the customers to the product this manual has 43 pages where different weight-loss methods and the primary factors that play their parts in the process are discussed that is extremely vital information from the perspective of weight-loss.

Diet Manual: This is an overview of the entire diet program and in these 22 pages the author has talked about the 4 phases that span over the entire program whilst sharing techniques to get the results faster.

Workout Manual: Now when the manuals previously talked about general health and food preferences this manual is a complete guide for the exercises required to shape up their bodies. It emphasizes on the importance of a workout routine and describes effective workouts; walk, warm ups and full body workouts on top of goblet squat, abs blasters and bent-over rowsall designed and described in a 17 page manual to help you lose weight.

Mindset and Motivational Manual: This is the lightest but most important of the manuals as these 13 pages include ways to keep yourself motivated and to monitor your efforts towards weight loss. I has techniques and ways to get the right mindset and amplify your will power to carry on and finish the program.

The 3 week diet system


There are lots of people who have stubborn fat that just won’t go away and this diet plan is a very special and unique guide to change that by changing dietary routines. Brian Flatt has himself given a lot of consideration into these 96 pages to ensure this diet plan is neither too rigid nor time-consuming and guarantees a weight loss of 10-20 pounds within just three weeks.

A biology graduate from San Diego State University and having been a part of the nutrition, diet and health industry since the 1990s, Brain owns Rev Fitness in Southern California. He is a sports nutritionist /health coach and has spent 12 years researching to come up with the perfect diet plan on the foundation of science that has helped lots of people lose considerable amount of weight.

The 3 week diet system is easy enough to understand as you simply have to pay the required amount for the product and buy it from the official website and then start leafing through the manuals. Initially measure a customized diet schedule based on your body needs. Then study all the 4 manuals to build a complementary nutrition and workout plan and eventually start following the program by adhering to the designed schedule from the beginning till the end.

At the core of the program lies he notion that our body already has enough fat and the excess fat should be utilized to give ourselves energy and by gearing the starvation process our bodies will start burning the excessive stored fat to aid the functions of our important organs like the heart or the liver.

It is certainly very safe and has been scientifically proven to work on both genders, people having lost 10-20 pounds of extra body weight through this plan and Brian Flatt has himself described the logic behind the weight loss in a 4 part guide manual.

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This plans definitely woks as long as users show devotion and discipline while following the program to lose weight and carefully listen to Brain who has shared many a great details pertaining to weight loss, shared tips and know-hows of burning fat faster, nutrition and dietary plans and enhancing the metabolism. The 4 phases of the program are as below:

Phase # 1 – Detoxification

This phase focuses on detoxification i.e. the excursion of excess and unwanted fat from our bodies and this is meant for people that want to lose stubborn fat quickly. It is easy to lose 10-20 pounds weight after this phase by keenly obeying the instructions.

The users are required to complete this phase before jumping on the next one and throughout this week they are only allowed 17 vegetables and 6 protein sources and intake of Vitamins A, D and C. The main focus is on liver, the fat pumping organ of the body, to detoxify it along with other organs, increase insulin sensitivity and the adrenal function of fat burning.

Phase # 2 – 24 hours fasting

After the first week of restricted dieting the plan hits up a notch and uses fasting to detoxify the liver and create a state of body favorable for at burning. This is done by fasting from the dinner of the 7th day of phase 1 till the dinner of the next day and during these 24 hours you have to refrain from eating. At the dinner, however you can eat anything as long as it is not overly rich in carbohydrates.

Phase # 3 – Fat Fast

The second phase ends but in the 9th 10th and 11th day the third phase starts where the body loses fat in the hip and belly region through more fasting which is a scientifically proven method. This phase tests the function of the liver and ability to balance the fat intake since from the start of the program and throughout the two phases our body is deprived of fat and now needs some fat to work properly while burning stored fat. The body sets a limit for fat consumption and the rest is used to give energy to the muscles and this way the calories are exhausted perfectly.

Phase # 4 – Your Unique BMR

The last phase is the longest spanning 9 days from day 12 till day 21 where the users decide their limited calories diet based on how much weight they wish to lose. During the first phase the BMR of the body is calculated and in the second it is determined how much calorie their body requires as per their BMR.Now they just have to restrict their diet according to the amount weight they want to lose and the body shape they are aiming for be it a slim look or a six-pack abs.

Pros of the 3-week Diet Plan as per Brian Flatt

  • This plan is not at all time consuming which means even busy bodies can find enough time to lose weight without stressing their routine. Their health and diet plans only need a bit of attention and doing 20-30 minutes of light exercise for 3 days each week is simple enough.
  • Brian is a firsthand witness and proof of the authenticity of this program, that it is scientifically proven and works immaculately as he has himself tested it out and guarantees that it works.
  • If the instructions are executed just the way they are given people can burn a lot of fat within just 21 days. This is a testament to how result-oriented and rapidly developing plan it is because people need to see some result to stay motivated and dedicate their time to a program. Many programs are biased towards fast fat burning and promote slow weight loss but those diet plans fail to satisfy the needs of their customers but the 3 week diet plan does miracles in just 21 days.
  • The product comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee so there are no user risks attached when it comes to their money.
  • The author of this book, the originator of this plan, Brian Flatt is a famous fitness expert who has earned the confidence and positive remarks of many consumers from all over the globe.

Cons of the 3-week diet plan as nothing in life is perfect

  • The only source for the plan is online from the official website from where only the digital copy of the e-book can be downloaded.
  • The diet regimes are to be strictly followed without any mess ups and light exercise is deemed compulsory for the users.
  • Additional costs for supplements and other useful products may be incurred by the users.
  • There is just a soft copy of the plan no hard copy.
  • The book is 96 pages long so many users have pointed out the need for further elaboration and detailing.


It is a reasonably priced solution for weight loss and only costs $ 47 while in case of any dissatisfaction the product has a 60 day money back guarantee. It is a confirmed way of losing weight, the guide being available for download in a PDF format from the official website.

There are no disadvantages or losses for trying it out and regardless of your ethnic background, body shape and age it is guaranteed to work for you in a safe and natural way as this amazing and incredible guide is designed by a health and nutrition expert, Brian Flatt whose efforts with the 3 Week Diet Review plan have been appreciated and encouraged from many users.