101 Best Ways To Motivate You When You’re Losing Weight

weight loss motivation

Getting motivated to lose weight might need a little bit of push and here’s how to get started:

  1. Take a new exercise class
  2. Discuss family illness with members that faced it
  3. Imagine your doctors appreciation of your health
  4. Share your progress and inspire others
  5. Write down your hurdles and solutions
  6. Remember you need progress not perfection for lifestyle change
  7. Set your goals for each day not just long-term ones
  8. Remind yourself of all your accomplishments and good decisions
  9. Don’t give up and ignore setbacks
  10. You are not the only that has bad days
  11. Visualize yourself doing the impossible everyday
  12. Write down and carry motivational quotes and phrases
  13. Experiment with new healthy foods
  14. Sleep for 8 hours at least
  15. Keep a progress journal
  16. Join a yoga or meditation class
  17. Get a partner to exercise with
  18. Write down the positive feelings post-workout or after eating healthy
  19. Write down the negative feelings on skipping workout or after eating unhealthy
  20. Don’t compare yourself
  21. Buy a great outfit for yourself and wear it in this body size
  22. Read success stories for inspiration
  23. Join an online community with mutual goals
  24. Vary your workout
  25. Make and reach for realistic goals and start the next one after you fulfill one
  26. Find a nutrition coach or a personal trainer
  27. Listen new songs for your workouts
  28. Get into a race or a competition
  29. Think positively only
  30. Visualize yourself being successful in your goals
  31. Exchange your negative thoughts with positive ones
  32. Don’t measure weight
  33. Be honest with yourself
  34. No matter how fast or slow acknowledge progress
  35. Think of those who want to work out but can’t and do it for them
  36. Read an inspirational book
  37. Watch a motivational video
  38. Never quit
  39. Imagine your future life
  40. Act and motivation will follow
  41. Change your wardrobe you are not going back
  42. Measure your body fat
  43. Organize fitness groups
  44. Befriend fit people that you admire
  45. Monitor the improvement of your blood pressure
  46. Buy new workout shoes and clothes
  47. Change things one meal and exercise at a time
  48. Take out workout clothes at night for the morning regime
  49. Write health points you are grateful for every day
  50. Believe in yourself or fake it till you make it
  51. Involve family and friends for support
  52. Play sports with kids outside
  53. Know that you deserve to be healthy
  54. Make detailed food and exercise plans to follow daily
  55. Eat what you want every now and then
  56. Share healthy recipes
  57. Get an inspirational newsletter
  58. Reward yourself
  59. Try new sports
  60. Try old sports you loved
  61. Take a break from workouts every few months
  62. Know that big rewards come from big efforts
  63. Know that you control what you eat and do
  64. Ignore your fears
  65. Eat and exercise like an athlete
  66. Don’t over-think just do it
  67. Think of exercise as a reward to make you feel livelier and more energetic
  68. Think of healthy food as fuel to make you feel good
  69. Start a blog, share and be held accountable while inspiring others
  70. Watch movies about food and health
  71. Accept your inherent limitations and still try
  72. Know that weight loss is a science that everybody can utilize
  73. If it’s not working try something else
  74. Match your goals with your lifestyle
  75. Love yourself
  76. Go for long-term gratification
  77. Don’t listen to criticism
  78. Shop at health food store
  79. Don’t quit after setbacks
  80. The clock is ticking so make your time count
  81. Focus on what you want
  82. Live each day
  83. Know your excuses and ways to overcome them
  84. Care only about your goals
  85. Take actions rather than just talking about it
  86. Do things while you still have chance
  87. Replace bad habits with good ones
  88. Make your goals about the present
  89. Make small changes if you feel overwhelmed
  90. Ask questions
  91. Don’t be phased by others’ negativity
  92. Use workouts to get rid of stress
  93. Put yourself first
  94. Know things that inspire you and those that frustrate you
  95. Get a motivational song
  96. Best yourself
  97. Prove the naysayers wrong
  98. Place friendly bets about your goals
  99. Make use of instant gratifications
  100. Track your performance and health progress
  101. Relax and have fun with your food and workout

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