21 Tips To Stay Healthy At Work

healthy at work

We are created and naturally built to endure and experience the free atmosphere, all types of weathers and for the most part stay connected to nature but in modern times that seems highly impossible. Our work schedules and offices do not allow us to appreciate simple activity and fresh air nor can we adjust good habits in our life working in offices the way we do.

Artificial work settings include sitting in front of a computer for more than eight hours each day without much movement and eating junk food to fight off mental stress rather than preparing healthy meals. All of that is highly detrimental to our health and with studies suggesting that this lifestyle is leading us to our graves sooner than we would like companies have started giving employees incentives such as insurance discounts, gym memberships and employee wellness programs.


Not only are they not enough but to increase work productivity and get healthier we need to experience more of the natural environment. Here are 21 effective tips for staying healthy at work and learning to make the most of small changes. You can stay cooped up in an office or a cubicle and then go for workouts but still make room for these small changes that will make a lasting impact on your health.

  • Try using the stairs whenever possible
  • After every half an hour or an hour get up from your sitting position and walk, stretch or move your muscles for 5 minutes at least. You can use StandApp to set such reminders so that you don’t skip these sessions.
  • During lunch hour or whenever you get a break go outside to walk
  • Eat outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and vitamin D
  • Don’t fight stress with food, meditate or take deep breaths
  • Utilize the weekends to cook for the rest of the week and cook healthy food, portion them and freeze them to be taken to office everyday
  • When you have to eat out with clients or at corporate lunches see the menu beforehand and decide on a healthy meal without the stress of compulsive ordering at the time of lunch
  • If you don’t get time to eat breakfast don’t settle for bagels, cook large batches of breakfast such as tacos in advance to be reheated
  • Find partners in your aim to eat healthy at the office and you and your friends can feed off of that support
  • Be positive at the workplace by spreading genuine cheer no matter the receiver of your smile
  • Drink more water by keeping a fill bottle at your desk to stay hydrated and then have an excuse to move around to go to the bathroom
  • Exercise in the morning by getting up early to stay energetic, stress-free and productive for the rest of the day
  • Sleep for 8 hours every night
  • Get a pedometer or a pedometer app and try to get 10,000 steps each day
  • Do as much work as possible while standing or walking
  • Maintain a straight posture
  • If not water drink healthy drinks
  • Start working on time, don’t procrastinate to avoid stress
  • Park at the end so that you walk more
  • For alcohol have a glass or two of wine and then clear liquors with juice or soda water
  • Schedule your workouts the way you plan your meetings

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