3 weeks diet bonus and discounts


Brian Flat is an expert nutritionist who has invented the genius of a program called the 3 week diet guide that has successfully helped people manage body weight. Brian’s guide is in the form of an e-book where he has emphasized on some essential and stress-free tips to urn extra fat from your body while also giving descriptions for proper diet charts and exercises that will aid you in maintaining your figure.



One certain extra advantage you get from buying the 3 week diet program is the 4 manuals designed by Brian Flatt where he has, in great details, described ways to attain a fit and healthy figure.


Introduction manual: The 3 week diet plan is based on a scientific approach and everything has been reasoned so that you may understand better how it works and benefits you. In the introducing Flatt has talked over the scientific explanations for both weight loss and weight gain To help with weight loss and burning extra fats from your bodies he has prescribed a specific die chart on top of lot of supplements and foods that can be used for this cause.

Brian explains how a diet plan that fits your bodily needs will not only improve your metabolism system and health but also how a proper food chart helps you burn extra fat from your body.

The introduction manual is a 43 page e-book with a lot of general information about weight loss and the vital aspects of weight loss and how it can be achieved.


The diet manual: Flatt is a very organized and sincere author because he gives insight and instructions that are easy to comprehend and follow and it is simply a matter o religiously following these guidelines to be able to burn body fats real fast.

The diet manual teaches you how to calculate the percentage of your body mass and the percentage of fat so you can literally keep count of how much excess fat you need to burn. To be able to do that Flatt has specifically given a daily food chart that includes the timetable of food and the portion size of our meals.

In the manual there is a lot of important information about the particular foods that are vital to the process of losing body fat and a list of foods that should be taken in your diet to take full advantage of that process.

In this 22 page e-book there are 4 phases diet plan to ensure fast results. Flatt does not only tell about which foods we should take but also urges users that foods that slow down the fat burning process and should be avoided.


Workout manual:

how to

A lot of us do not have the time to go to gym and spend hours doing exercises. Flatt has found a way around this problem and created a workout manual that is apt for people that are not regular gym goers. It is an easy exercise program that can be followed without any hiccups as Flatt has mentioned a number of physical exercises that only takes 20 minutes and the result is a fit and healthy body for the users.

Fatt’s special exercise program is a full body exercise program and the manual also has 2 abs exercises. There are great details about daily walk, full body fat blasting workouts and many other ways through which users can get desired results by only doing these exercises 3-4 days per week.

The manual is just 17 pages long and gives out specific instructions about what to do to lose weight and suggests effective workouts.


The mindset and motivational manual: To be able achieve a goal you must first be motivated towards it and Flatt pays extra attention to building your mindset in a 13 page mindset and motivational manual where he provides many techniques that will help you focus on your goal.

The motivation does not stop until the user gets the desired results and continues to encourage them to workouts and finish the program. Flatt gives tips, techniques and tools so that users may set up a mindset to follow instructions on the manual and lose their body weight fast.

Refundable Money Policy:

money back guarantee

The 3 week diet program is an e-book in PD format that you can order online and pay online to purchase it and after the verification of the transaction an e-book will be sent on your personal email link.

However if users a in any way dissatisfied with the product or if they believe it does not suit their needs they can inform the author and have their money refunded within 60 days of the order. The policy is guaranteed and decidedly puts your money out of any kind of risks.


On buying this digital book you will get 4 manuals and there is a great chance for customers to save cost. For buying this product during the offer season you can save $60 as its actual price is $97 but these 4 books can be gained by paying only $37 which is a highly profitable deal for the customers.

Final Verdict:

Obesity has affected a lot of people and they are always searching for a guaranteed solution and this product definitely fulfills people’s expectations as is evident by the recommendations of so many users. If you wish to stop your sufferings then you ought to pay heed to all these advices and read this book follow the program and see for yourself how much extra body weight you lose.