35 Best Exercise And Diet Hacks For Losing Weight

exercise and diet hacks

Hacks are both clever solution and tricky problems and both diet and exercise can become tricky if you don’t do them right or you can use these smart combinations to play your mind and body into making the best use of both:

  1. To trick your mind use a smaller plate so that you automatically eat less
  2. Consider your calories a monthly paycheck, if you over spend one day you step back the next so if you over-consume one meal just eat less throughout the next day
  3. If you are fully attentive towards the texture, taste and satisfaction your food brings you, you won’t overeat so eat mindfully and not in front of the TV
  4. Exercise with somebody who is both a role model and drives you to do more
  5. Increase your personal awareness about the food you eat by maintaining a food journal
  6. Don’t count each calorie, just handle your portion sizes better
  7. Set up StandApp as a reminder for constant movement
  8. Eating protein in the breakfast will keep you satiated for long
  9. Avoid storing or being around unhealthy food so the chances you eat it become less
  10. Slow down your eating by chewing as close to 30 chews per bite
  11. Take out portions of your food, don’t eat directly from a package
  12. Drink more water by keeping a full water bottle and a straw at all times
  13. Learn to read through package labels and cast out unhealthy food
  14. When you give in to a strong craving eat out but don’t let unhealthy food in your house
  15. Figure out what kind of diet and exercise plan works best for you
  16. Make room for your workouts in your calendar the way you would for a meeting by setting reminders and prioritizing
  17. Do things that you like so that it is more fun
  18. Know that you make your own choices and are more powerful for it
  19. Get used to exercising first by making it a habit and then modify it to fit a plan. Start eating healthy foods first before eliminating unhealthy foods.
  20. Even if you don’t want to get changed into your gym clothes and go to the gym and you will automatically feel like working out
  21. Focus on what you have achieved so far by placing reminders all around
  22. Get an app to plan your menu
  23. Give yourself a respite from cooking by having a smoothie every day to get essential nutrients easily
  24. Don’t cook just use a crock pot to get a veggie and meat meal
  25. Cook large amounts of healthy meat and freeze them for later reheating and eating
  26. Workout in the morning when you are free and use it to control your food intake for the rest of the day
  27. Get a hang of one new habit at a time
  28. Experiment and satisfy your taste buds, don’t force feed yourself
  29. Eat in a plate that is a different color than your food, a trick to eat less
  30. Replace ice creams and sour creams with skim, plain Greek yogurt
  31. Replace sugar with fruits
  32. Get motivated and record your progress using technology
  33. Become a fitness community member
  34. Buy 90% of your food from around your grocery store
  35. Walk to stay active and keep the environment green

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