50 Reasons Why Being Fit Is Awesome

being fit

  1. You are free to run, jump and play just the way you were in your childhood
  2. You become more confident
  3. Confidences exudes sex appeal
  4. Exercises release endorphins in your system which are the equivalent of happy hormones
  5. It gives the impression you care about yourself
  6. When clothes look good on you, you feel great!
  7. You look great even without any clothes on, apparently
  8. Committing to something and then making efforts that end in achieving it makes you feel good
  9. You feel powerful when your body takes everything in stride
  10. You will inspire others
  11. You can do think others think you can’t
  12. You can do think you think you can’t
  13. You become at ease with yourself
  14. Exercise will help you handle stress better
  15. After being skinny, the trend is being healthy
  16. Having a nutritious diet will make things work in your favor
  17. Doing things in the present is a lot better than planning a healthy future
  18. You deserve to be fit just as much as anybody else
  19. You will have more energy than you though possible
  20. You will sleep soundly at night
  21. Each day you will wake up and face the world head on
  22. You will easily take up new challenges
  23. You become the role model for your own children inspiring them each day
  24. Being fit and having good nutrition ultimately slows down aging
  25. You won’t fall behind your children or your grandchildren, pacing with them with just as much enthusiasm and energy
  26. You can climb a flight of stairs without being short of breath
  27. Exercising will help you appreciate the given moment and live in it
  28. Eating the right foods makes you feel amazing
  29. Healthy foods prevent cancerous cells from forming
  30. It decreases the chances for diabetes, cancer and other heart conditions
  31. You won’t repeat the same resolutions to lose weight or get in shape every new year
  32. The regular checkups at the hospital won’t scare you
  33. Eating healthy food makes you satiated and revitalized instead of exhausted and stuffed
  34. When you are fit, having sex becomes all the more pleasurable
  35. It feels good to push past your own limits
  36. It’s pretty raunchy and badass
  37. You get to live to the fullest for a long time
  38. You start experiencing more out of life
  39. You feel powerful when you know you can control your body
  40. You realize your genetics aren’t preventing you from being healthy anymore
  41. You look and feel your best
  42. You are a lot stronger when you are muscled up and you will definitely feel that power
  43. You get to explore a physical activity you love
  44. You give yourself time
  45. You don’t make excuses out of fear anymore
  46. It teaches you to be courageous and take the plunge
  47. You find out what achievement feels like
  48. Nutrition and exercise fight depression for you
  49. You are much stronger, from the outside as well as inside
  50. Good health mean you are Free

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