All You Need To Know About Body Transformation

body transformation

There are countless stories of fitness miracles and people losing weight successfully at all ages and we wonder how they managed to that. Most of the time the difference are not small ones but entire body transformations going a size down or having a 20 years old waist at the age of 40. One of those stories is of a woman who was motivated to change her appearance after the age of 40 and this how that journey went.

Susan Brady is the 46 year old mother of a 7 year old daughter who transformed her life after a Facebook challenge thrown at a friend who had just posted about losing fat and gaining mass and inspired Susan to do herself one better.

She had had a good body thanks to a balanced diet of protein, carbs, fats and alcohol and a positive self-image till she was 40 but eventually she started getting overweight and did not like the way she looked in the mirror. The push came when her childhood best friend decided to share her weight loss accomplishment and Susan asked for a contest.

Right now she works out, manages her home, volunteers at her daughter’s school and manages the social calendar all the while looking stunning. But the drop from 152 lbs did not come overnight and easily.

She started with asking a friend to set up a private page where she discussed her goals and plans and tracked her progress with other enthusiasts and family members and friends who all got together to share their personal experience.

body transformation 2

She learned about her body and general rules about exercise and nutrition and what are the onsets of weight gain.

When it comes to nutrition she suggests that people should avoid drinking and eating whatever they want if they hope to lose or maintain their weight. Even diet sodas and drinks are a big no and the simplest change is to settle for water. Eating processed food should not be in the list of things to do when you are attempting to lose weight either.

As far as food goes one should eat healthy and natural items and stay away from sugar and processed food. Proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats on top of whole grains like sprouted grain bread and natural peanut butter.The occasional cheat meal is ok as long as you stay focused.

The most important thing to do is to remember that you are both mentally and physically stronger than you think and you can stick to your plans. You ought to keep in mind nutrition is all-important and you can’t get away with eating and drinking whatever you feel like.

Also when it comes to exercise you can’t work out the way you used to before and it would take conscious effort. If you don’t like eating clean make yourself feel accountable to a friend or better yet find a partner. Same goes for workout to keep you motivated. A 30 minute intense and mixed workout will do the trick not the same routine at the gym. Incorporate burpee, hiking, or join some club where you spend a few days each week and generally be more outgoing and active to maintain your health.

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