Amazing 5k Training Plan For Newbies

5k training plan

Beginners as in novices when it comes to running greater lengths than usual walks might find the thought of running 5k challenging but if you can steadily accommodate a simple plan in your routine for a few weeks you might think nothing of it.

The 5k run s a 3.1 mile distance perfectly suited to beginners and work towards running longer such as 10k or half and full marathons. The end results are worth the entire effort and heart you will put into training because not only do these runs give you a sense of accomplishment but the exhilarated feeling of donating to charity and bonding with friends or family will keep you coming back for more races in due time.

The guide is a blueprint for what seems accurate for almost everybody but if you are worried about your schedule you can adjust the weeks and with the additional walking time and distance each week you an experiment with your run time and walk time freely.

First of sign up for the race before you start training to make sure you stay motivated and include a friend, a colleague or even your wife and kids to make for a comradeship that you will most definitely enjoy. Ask your doctor for a clearance and have a gap of 3 months between the race and your initial training date.

Some general rules of training include warming upfor a few minutes before each run and stretching afterwards. To avoid any sort of injury make sure you strength train and rest on your rest days.

Strength training does not require a gym for sure; you can combine interval training with increased distance and time each week and continue with the plan.

For the first week strength train for 30-60 minutes on Monday and Friday, take a 30 minute walk on Wednesday, on Tuesday and Thursday run:30/ walk 2:00 x 5 and rest on Saturday while running a mile at your pace on Sunday. Keep Mondays, Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturdays the same over the course of 8 months change the running and walking schedule.

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On the second week just change your Tuesday and Thursday to run: 30 / walk 1:30 x 8 and run 1.5 miles on Sunday while doing all the rest the same way. During the third week on Tuesday and Thursday run 1:00/ walk 1:30 x 8 and run a mile on Sunday to amplify the walking stamina.

On the Tuesday and Thursday of 4th week run 1:00/walk 1:00 x 2 and sun 2 miles at your pace on Sunday. During the 5th week, on Tuesday and Thursday run 1:30/ walk 1:00 x 11 and run 2.25 miles on the Sunday.

On the 6th week’s Tuesday and Thursday run 1:30/walk: 30 x 16 and run 2.5 miles on Sunday.On the 7th week take a respite on the Sunday and run just a mile at your own pace while on Tuesday and Thursday run 2:00/walk: 30 x 12.

The last week of your training, the 8th week is when you run and walk as needed on Tuesday and Thursday and run the entire 3.1 mile at your own pace on Sunday and conclude your training.

Just remember to rest the day before your race and eat a light carb meal an hour before you start running.

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