Amazing Weight Loss Tips You Must Follow

weight loss tips

Logic or reasoning is inclusive of all the reasons as to why we support something and very rarely are we happy to be proven wrong. In case of weight loss, however, there are a few logics that will be challenged if you seek to abandon the status quo concepts and really focus on a healthier approach.

To begin with the more you eat within the bounds of a diet plan the more you lose weight in the long run and starvation is never the real way to achieve your goals. When you superficially cut down all the calories from your diet you start losing weight real fast but after a while you hit a roadblock and the lack of results will put you off track. What you need to do is eat as many calories as possible to be able to maintain energy levels, boosting your metabolism and have functional fat-burning hormones. This might be slower but is definitely a more sustainable and a healthier approach.

Instead of working out too much do a simple high intensity interval training to get a good fat-burning workout. Endurance training tends to burn more calories but HIIT burns more fat in general and it should not be the quantity of a workout but the its quality as in how much it benefits your weight loss goal.

If you understand and value your health and count your calorie intake while monitoring your portion size you can include all the favorite and fun foods in your diet and still lose weight.

Weight loss itself is the end result of having a healthy and active lifestyle and not vice versa so you ought to focus on actions and goals that make you healthy such as drinking more water, eating nutritious food and moving around a bit and ultimately you will start shaping up.

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Any weight loss program that you follow should not have weight loss as its primary focus and yes understandably this could be a curve-ball since the name clearly implies you lose weight. Weight is not a solitary thing; it is a mixture of mass, muscle, bone, blood, organs, fat and many other things. There is no point in losing equal amounts of muscle and fat, your aim should be to lose fat, create a new body image and get a healthier lifestyle that leads to god body composition. You ought to lose fat and maintain muscle and the weight on the scales will automatically align with your goals.

At the beginning you will gain weight in the first two to four weeks on an exercise program as your body makes more room to store fuel but don’t stress about it as most of it is just water weight and will eventually go down.

And by the way of losing fat, dieting is not as successful as people deem it to be. Sure it makes sense and a lot of people have an automated response to diet but only 20% of dieters succeed simply because diet is a short-term strategy that is not compatible in the long run. You need to change your lifestyle and work on creating new eating habits that will help you attain a lean body composition.

In order to complete and be successful with weight loss you must be ready to fail at some point and learn from that experience. It is a good opportunity for both self-growth and getting back up will make you all the more resilient.


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