Are Cheat Meals Holding You Back?

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A lot of us don’t grasp the concept of routine and devotion to diet regimes as well as we should and end up nullifying the efforts we have painstakingly put towards body fitness and weight loss. In all honestly having to restrict diet is always a lot tougher than it looks and cheat meals do nothing but make the task more daunting and undesirable

The reason why these are called cheat meal is because indulging in them is essentially cheating on our diet and our body catches on it real quick. People might have cravings for different kinds of junk and processed foods that are high in fattening substances. A good and healthy diet cuts off these kinds of foods to reduce bad food intake. However, not everybody can resist the urge to have a quick and delicious snack. Some reserve a weekend to satisfy their taste buds and reward themselves for abstaining throughout the week. Some are much easily persuaded to give in to these cravings and might cheat on their diet more often.

The result is not limited to physical attributes but it also damages people’s mindset. Your body gets attuned to a new diet and a limited amount of intake but when you over-eat or eat food rich in calories the hormones leptin reset and your metabolism that is already slow in order to preserve energy stops functioning as it urges you to eat more and you simply cannot deny yourself. Processed food is addictive because of its taste and it is quite akin to addiction to smoking or alcohol.  It works as long as you are abstaining but the minute you give in your body starts demanding more.

cheat meals

A very common vicious cycle occurs when people start on a diet they are very enthusiastic about, after a week on it they start believing they have mastered self-control or wish to prize them over the weekend and when the day comes they let their urges take control of the situation. This might seem like a good strategy if you think this is what balance means but that is far from the truth.

People who go for cheat meals are taking the route of 3 steps forwards and 2 steps back. With every progress they tend to eliminate part of the success on the last day and when the next day comes they are dissatisfied with the rate of performance. This deteriorates their psyche and they start losing interest and motivation to monitor their diet and once the belief that dieting is not helping their cause sets in they revert back to old habits.

If you are more self-assured and disciplined then you might be able to avoid cheat meals for a week or a month or months even but if you consider processed food a requirement-an essential part of your food- then you need to cut it out altogether.

If you want to better yourself, get a healthier body and learn to control your urges than put processed food out of the options entirely. It will be extremely tough for the first few days but after lasting for a month you will see a visible difference in your weight, you would have more self-control and the cravings would subside as your metabolism starts functioning better and your body adjusts to the new diet. More importantly it will boost your willpower and you will be more positive towards making progress as opposed to cheat meals.

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