Are You Exercising Too Much?

exercising too much

There is much that can be said about lifestyle makeovers and being more active each day. After all most of the weight loss programs are focused on exercise regimes in order to get back in shape and shred those extra pounds.

But many people, in their enthusiasm and motivational high from deciding to change their lives for good overdo it and it is just as damaging and ineffective as not getting enough activity in a day.

Normally people don’t work out or move around enough to be healthy or fit but those that are trying to lose weight might start pushing their limits. It is important to be active all days of week but if you are exercising for more than an hour or doing it every day your body will not get enough time to recover and you will burnout both mentally and physically.

For starters the focus on exercise should center on the quality of exercise not its quantity. You can bike, walk or hike each day as a leisure activity but for intense workouts get a day or two in between to rest your muscles.

A good exercise program will build your muscle and improve your cardiovascular system but also offer time to rest and recover. When you are doing a combination of strength training and/ or HIIT cardio you are pushing your body and while the exercise ought to last half an hour afterwards you need to mentally and physically relax before redoing it.

Also before starting out on a plan or even while designing a workout regime you need to ask yourself whether the plan is sustainable in the future or not. For the first few months you might be motivated to burn yourself but it is only a matter of time before you lose that fire and your muscle, your mental health and your central nervous system give up. If you cannot see yourself doing something a year or five years from now chances are you will quit and revert back to your old ways.

exercising too much 2

The longer you can be patient and appreciate your exercise program the better you will achieve your goals and while there may be routines that are specific about heavy workloads and are highly intense that are designed for short periods of times the normal person will get healthy and fit by using a program that is consistent with his lifestyle.

Each of us have a different exercise capacity and you need to figure that out by taking small steps. Trainers tend to give 3 days of strength training and 3 days of cardio in a week but that may not work for everybody especially if you have only recently started being active. If you can handle it go for it but don’t push yourself just yet.

Get enough nutrition and then start by walking. Add pace and distance and then a little bit of strength training a day a week and as you gain enough confidence in yourself and are mentally capable of handling more start running and increasing intensity and frequency of workouts till you find a ratio that you think you can live with forever and even inspire you start exercising each day.

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