Bad Attitudes Of People Who Destroy Their Goals

bad attitudes of people

The only thing standing between you and success is often you or your own attitude. There are lots of people who self-destroy their goals because of the lack of a positive attitude.

It typically starts with fear and forces them to repeat the mantra of “I can’t”. It is hardly fair to give up before even trying and this is merely intimidation talking. You should not think about what you are unable to do with it running laps or chin ups, focus on what you can do and start thinking how you can and will accomplish a certain task.

Shifting the blame is also common and quite unhelpful. People who continuously believe that it is not their fault are only trying to escape the consequences of their actions but it never works that way. You need to own up to your mistakes and responsibilities and do whatever is required to change or fix things.

Oblivion and ignorance have never been good defenses to anybody and people often presume the “I don’t know what to do”line would get them off the hook. The fact is people have insight into their eating habits and daily activities are aware of when they are choosing poorly. What you need to do if you are one of those people is to implement what you do know, find somebody more knowledgeable or simply search it over the internet.

bad attitudes of people 2

An important aspect of seeing any kind of results is taking initiatives on your own and being invested in the process. There are folks out there who use the “do it for me” card in front of their trainers and nutritionists and expect them to accompany and guide them at each step. While learning from somebody is always the way to start out you need to become much more independent and self-driven if you wish to get anywhere on the weight loss mark.

Then there are people who say they don’t like healthy food, cooking or exercising and the fact of the matter is they simply have not explored enough options to find something they are actually very fond of. It takes a bit of trying to finally get a recipe or exercise that you will enjoy but rest assured there are plenty of them so you will find the one that you will be favorable to if you just experimented with your options.

People that believe they have earned a little bit or a lot of unhealthy food or snack because they have had a rough time are prone to over-indulging at times. This is because eating on the basis of emotions has a certain pattern to it and you need to readjust the treats you give yourself as rewards with something much healthier.

Some of the times we let our insecurities control our lives and so is the case with people that feel like they don’t belong in a gym. The feeling of being out of place is not novel but you need to understand that if anybody decides to mock or make you feel bad about yourself it is a reflection of their personal insecurities and you need to carry on your task for the day and workout and live your own life.

People get frustrated and start thinking things are not working when weight loss comes at a standstill or slows down as it always will. Take your time to evaluate how you feel, your body composition and the amount of energy you have and take that as parameters of success

The most destructive of behaviors is when somebody says I quit. Don’t give up, just take a break to find your composure and restart.

The most elusive of reasons is the attitude when people think they don’t need help but are clearly failing to reach their goals. It is time to listen to others and learn from their success to map your own.

If you overcome these self-compromising attitudes you are bound to make a substantial positive impact on your success factor as long as you keep trying.


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