Benefits Of Outdoor Exercise

outdoor exercise

Nature is a beautiful and versatile scenery that comes for free and is ever changing and surprising us and the closer we are to it the better we feel about ourselves and the brighter the world seems. In this age we are more prone to staying indoors and are often too lazy or demotivated to venture out and that makes us even less active.

Similarly the best exercises are done outdoors or at least have a more natural setting than your typical gym. Ever wonder why the idea of hitting the gym does not seem as appealing? It is because of a hamster wheel effect. We mostly keep on treading the same mill for hours end on a weekly basis stuck in the same scene.

As opposed to the gym or even a boring track what you would really appreciate is a run along a natural park trail. It is not even exclusive to cardio; you can shift your strength training outdoors as well simply because it is more beneficial to experience the weather, the daily sunlight and fresh air to improve lots of things about your day.

Working outdoors can be like playing outside as a kid and not only do you feel the same excitement you can try things like running in the rain, sprinting up and down hills, broad jump down your block, do burpees at the football field and lift weight on your back patio all to enhance your experience.

outdoor exercise 2

As per science children that spend time outdoors away from seating areas and technology have 27-41 % lesser tendency to be overweight. Going outside inspires you to go to new places and be more active in general.

Not only physical but mental health can also be improved by exercising outdoors. For diseases such as depression, anxiety, stress, and tension you need to go out in the fresh which is said to have a 50& greater positive effect on mental health than indoor exercises.

All of this leads to your improved mood and self-esteem. Just a five minute exercise outside especially one near water will deeply improve how you perceive things and leave you with god feelings and aura.

A lot of times we end to avoid exercising because we are not at all excited by the idea. But people that make outdoor activities their forte are more motivated to exercise and this increase in frequency is a direct effect of how they are mentally stimulated and satisfied by outdoor sceneries.

Going out in green environments does not only give us fresh oxygen but also gives us improved focus. A study shows that kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder improved their concentration levels and performance by just a 20 minute walk in a park setting. We can use it to our advantage to perform better at work and school. A walk outdoors is said to make you feel way livelier than a cup of coffee would and this energy and revitalization is important for all of us.

The best bit is in the cost- or rather lack of cost that comes with outdoor exercise. It is a highly potent formula that comes free of cost or membership and gives you extra dosage of Vitamin D from the sunlight that nourish our bodies, improve immunity, strengthen bone and muscles, reducing blood pressure, stress and depression and even as far as prevent illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

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