Best exercise to lose weight

best exercise

There are lots and lots of exercises by many dignified trainers that claim to work magic for your bodies and yes a lot of people have benefited from various workouts but there still remains the question as to whether there is one particular exercise that dominates the arena when the challenge for the best exercise to lose weight comes along.

Before announcing the winner though we must first describe the metrics of our judgment and then digress over the competitors. For starters isolation exercises are out of the equation for this cocktail because they do not work muscle groups of the entire body and are unable to craft a balanced physique even though squats and dead-lifts are a great combination. They simply cannot exclusively create the effects that compound exercises do.

best exercise to lose weight

The best exercise not only works the entire body it also takes care of internal mechanisms and boosts favorable hormones. In order to lose weight we need to have enough proper nutrients in our bodies and then a stable release of fat-mobilizing chemicals. The best exercise works to create a favorable metabolic environment within our bodies by boosting testosterone levels and increase growth hormones that help you lose fat and build muscle at the same time, muscles that in turn help your metabolism.

Insulin in our bodies is a storage hormones high level of insulin stops the body from releasing fats thus it needs to be kept low. This can be dealt with through exercises that are anaerobic in nature as lowering down insulin levels include reducing muscle glycogen stores. An exercise must improve your insulin sensitivity so that you know how responsive your body cells are to insulin and being insulin sensitive would mean you need more insulin in your cells which needs to be stabilized.

Another demand from the best exercise candidate will be to create excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) effect which is a representation of oxygen deficit created during exercise and the more intense your exercise is the greater the EPOC effect would be.After the exercise the body achieves homeostasis by burning fat and consuming extra oxygen which is why exercises must create large oxygen deficits and be high intensity.

The best exercise would also be better at burning more calories than the rest of them in a given amount of time. It is essential for weight loss because you need a calorie-deficit to lose weight especially if you end up eating more calories than planned. Burning large amounts of calories will compensate for your dietary lapses and the best exercise for weight loss must support you through it.

Not all the metrics are about loss though. You also need to build muscle and it is a part of weight loss especially since putting a maximum amount of resistance upon muscle would help build it such as strength training. Muscles continuously burn 5.67 calories per pound per day which can quantify to a substantial fat loss at the end.

The best exercise thus happens to be sprints that workout the entire body at high intensity for long periods of time building muscle, boosting hormones, creating the EPOC effect and improving insulin sensitivity. Combine sprints with a good diet and a well-designed HIIT program and you will have the best tools for weight loss.

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