Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Best Exercises for weight loss 2

Weight loss can be approached and achieved in tons of ways including changing how and what you eat and also your routine but the most essential part of a weight loss regime is dependent on the exercises you take up.

Some of the best exercises for weight loss are low impact, simple and very easy to do on your own. This is a huge plus because a lot of times being overweight is not the only condition people are suffering from and to avoid complications for those dealing with weak muscles or joints or heart and blood pressure problems these exercises are the perfect amount of moderate.

The most basic exercise is brisk pace walking and a 45 minute walk at a speed of 4 miles an hour each day is really fruitful and you can lose a pound each week without trying anything else. Swimming is another exercise that burns hundreds of calories and vigorously tones up our bodies.  You don’t have to be a pro swimmer as even going from one end to the other end of a pool is enough exertion on all the muscles in your body. Another major game changer is cycling and if you are not prone to walking take this up as either a hobby or for short distance rides. It shapes up your legs, gives your lower body a good workout and easily cuts off 400-600 calories if you do it for just 20 minutes.

Best Exercises for weight loss

Your body needs a lot of attention and most of the time out solution for weight loss is simply going on a diet. But that itself isn’t enough as you need to burn more calories and gain muscle to get an overall attractive and well defined structure. This is when the exercises for weight loss comes in handy. Make sure that you are paying attention to all your body parts and are not restricting your efforts to losing weight in specific places only although there will be exercises that will cater to those needs eventually.


Now for those who are willing and able to handle intense activities the best exercises could be running for about 30 to 60 minutes but make sure you have a trainer, the appropriate running shoes and the correct posture. Treadmill rounds are also great for burning calories and gradually increasing the speed on each round brings maximum results. However these activities require patience and might see dull to do alone. Elliptical trainer in gyms help you move all parts of your bodies from wrist to toe and are more interactive so is rope jumping which can be done outside your house or in a gym.

Best Exercises for weight loss 3

Sports such as tennis and crossfit exercises such as push ups, pull ups, treadmill and kettle bell which is designed to make you balance yourself simultaneously while stretching your muscles are a good combination. High intensity interval training requires working out really hard by running, pushups or any tough activity then taking a break before starting again. These exercises work real quick and you don’t have to them for more than twenty minutes but still reap amazing benefits.

At the end it all depends on your take. There are no specific best exercises for weight loss as the time and effort you into which activity ultimately decides the outcomes.

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