Best Foods To Eat For Weight Loss

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There are some foods that if you eat you will regret for the rest of your life. Be it nacho chips that you are now addicted to a cola that you drink by tons there are foods in the world, the processed kind that always turn around to become a mistake.

Luckily there are also some super-foods in the world that are exceptionally helpful with weight loss and all you need is to either include them in your diet gradually or trade in the junk food list for a new one which has everything from whole grains to fresh fruit in it.

For a healthy breakfast replace pancakes and maple syrup with oats that are good fiber food that keep you sated for long periods of time. Black beans, kidney beans and white beans are all good vegetable choices as they not only bring iron in your system, they keep you energetic and reduce hunger by making you feel full. The recipes for beans are also easy to come by I you are looking to use less fattening ingredients.

Another option is pearl barley. Barley has been used for centuries to maintain health and even as a medicine for fever. In this instance it can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy figure.

Some traditional foods that are also part-meals of the day are eggs and low-fat milk. Having high amount of protein and calcium they are important nutrients for your body without any side effects. Garbanzo beans and quinoa can be cooked in variations to add to your food items and for those looking for a good addition of carbohydrates brown rice is definitely on the list.

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As far as fruits are concerned grapefruit are the best new beverage and/or fruit you can have on your weight loss journey. The citrus strengthens your chest and cuts down fat. Avocados and pears are delicious, have a solid place in many salad recipes and will excite most people’s taste buds with their crunchy exterior. Blueberries are easy for snacking and plantains and bananas are highly satisfying fruits to eat between meals or as part of your breakfast. Another citrus on the list is oranges.

Not all the super foods are exempt from becoming mouthwatering treats and dark chocolate or cheese in reasonable amounts is actually really good for weight loss as well as general health of heart and body.

Mashed or boiled, potatoes are another high-carb food that will help you lose weight if you take a serving or two each day. For good fats pine nuts and almonds are some of the most heart-healthy fats that curb appetite if taken before meals and provide good nutrition.

One green vegetable you can further add to your list is broccoli. Salmon is a source of both protein and good fat which could be the main course for a few of your days in the week when on a healthy dieting plan.

As far as beverages are concerned you would need to trade in carbonated drinks and beer for wine or green tea as they can be good for your heart and cleansing of the body. The list of best super-foods isn’t limited to these though, you will find many more that will help your immensely to lose weight.

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