Big Calorie Deficits Are Resulting In Big Problems

calorie deficit

There are a few problems that lots of people on a weight loss program or a fad diet experience that include conditions such as fatigue and soreness or depression and anxiety. If you have created a huge calorie deficit in your body you might be one of those people and be suffering from the repercussions of your actions.

You might even feel like you have not rested enough due to sleep disruptions and might have trouble concentrating. Other potential problems on the outside can be reproductive dysfunction such as loss of menstrual periods or infertility. Your mind could get cloud and you might even experience memory dysfunction. In the inner structure of your body your metabolism could drop below average levels, you might lose bone and muscles and your hormones might fluctuate abnormally particularly thyroid and testosterone.

These are the negative side effects that will appear differently on different individuals and be caused by varying calorie deficits but nonetheless they are some of the biggest problems people face.

Our bodies work on a simple system of energy balance which is the amount of energy in through calorie intake and its difference with energy out through calorie burning. If people have a positive energy balance they tend to have more calories and will gain weight and if they have a negative energy balance they will lose weight.

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It’s a simple enough logic but people often overdo the creation of a negative energy balance. From the get go a calorie deficit of 500 calories is more than enough and you ought to start with an even lower number but to create an even bigger calorie deficit is a threat to your system.

When you are working out you are burning fuel and if you don’t eat the amount of calories enough to provide you sustenance you will starve your body and it will start tearing down. Your metabolism will be slowed down and losing weight might come to a standstill because the body isn’t meant to run on such low fuel. To lose more weight you will have to eat a lot lesser and workout even more.

This is a vicious cycle that needs to stop and you need to understand how to create a calorie deficit in a productive manner. The basics are easy enough you eat clean and healthy and you work out but calorie restriction does not mean you cut out food altogether from your diet.

Your body needs nutrients to recover after your exercises and not only do you need to eat the right amount of food you need to eat the right kinds of food. If you are exerting your muscles too hard you will need to eat more and the amount of calories you intake need to come from healthy food such as lean meats, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and nuts.

What you must not do is deprive your body of essential nutrients and starve it. Your calorie deficit must encourage fat loss but still preserve muscle, perform your daily routine and exercises normally without giving out.


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