Boosting Your Metabolism To Amazing levels

boost your metabolism

What can a metabolism do for you and you weight loss goals? The potential is endless and the better and more boosted up your metabolism are the more likely you will get in shape and start losing weight. Although using spicy foods is advocated as the simplest way to go about things it isn’t the most effective and tends to lack a few intricate details.

Metabolism cannot only be boosted through diet and having an exercise regime that incorporates strength training is crucial to building metabolism boosting muscle that burns calories throughout the day for self-sustenance. This way even after workout is over the body keeps using calories. Strength training at least a day per week usually suffices and such high intensity interval trainings that really put a strain on your muscles can elongate the calorie burn tenure till after 48 hours. Not just building muscle the EPOC or rather excess post-exercise oxygen consumption also betters your metabolism. The body loses oxygen during exercises, and the muscles are stressed out so to return to homeostasis the body burns extra calories to make up for the lack of oxygen and repair muscles while stocking up on fuel.

Another way to boost your metabolism to unbelievable levels is by increasing your calorie and protein intake through some tried and tested methods to build your up potency.

Reverse dieting is the mirror image of dieting as dieting itself is a practice of cutting down on your calories to enable fat loss.

Our bodies need a good amount of calorie as fuel and burning it is only helpful if the amount of calorie lot or the calorie deficit is just about 15% of what your calorie count is. Not having enough of them could slow down your metabolism as the muscles start losing fuel and metabolism-boosting hormones.

boost your metabolism 2

By reverse dieting you continue to take in more calories each week till a new body maintenance level is created and the metabolism has been restored and enhanced. You don’t increase fat but the glycogen in your muscles and this water weight helps you during intense workouts.

For those who have an adaptable metabolism dieting does not pay off as well as it should neither does cutting back calorie after the initial reverse diet. This is when cheat meals and reefed come in pretty handy as allowing yourself to eat freely  while monitoring your portion sizes so that 20% of the calorie intake coms from nutritious food on a weekly basis  helps you hit the maintenance levels and urges the metabolism to increase its fat-burning and muscle building hormones.

Another thing to be mindful of is the kind of food that gets your digestion rolling and protein is the best when it comes to macronutrients that impact your metabolism. It takes 25% of its own calories to digest as protein produces heat through metabolic stimulation. The amount of protein should be around 0.7 to 1 gram per pound of your lean body mass.It is best if you do not have an estimate for that but the fat content in your body isn’t high then eat 0.-0.8 grams per pound of your weight.

Boosting your metabolism rests upon your ability to keep your muscles in good shape by working out and eating proper food that fuels the system and for those who have a challenging metabolism by keeping the digestive tract guessing and alternating between what you eat while maintaining a worthy protein and calorie intake.

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