Building Muscles Fast Without Fat Gain

building muscles

It is said to be a lot easier to lose fat and the pace of losing a pound each week can be easily kept but to gain muscle at the same pace can be a very challenging task. In the same course of events losing fat and building muscle at the same requires some serious concentrated effort while a lot of people take up these tasks at different times to make things simpler by focusing on one thing at a time.

To hit and improve your body’s potential to have a muscular build increasing your nutrition levelis at the top of things to do.

Around 80% of your food intake has to come from whole foods and make sure you get enough carbohydrates to keep as fuel for your body during strength training. As for fat make sure 20% of your diet is filled with healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, eggs, fish oil and natural fat

Muscle tissue requires a lot of calories to synthesize and while a pound of muscle tissue takes up around 500 calories for protein synthesis more calories would be required if you are exerting yourself in a program. For that add at least 20 more calories than your maintenance levels to your diet to gain half a pound of muscle each week.

Maintenance levels can be determined by multiplying your body weight by 16-18 and using the lower number if you have a lot of fat. If your body composition has more fat you are also better off using lean body mass as the variable instead of your total body weight.

Either way if you are in a hypo caloric environment eat 0.6-0.8 grams of protein per pound of your body weight, get those carbs and good fats and muscle growth will be facilitated by your body.

But none of this can happen without proper exercise and by proper we mean exercises that would take up each muscle fiber and multiple joints of your body to provide maximum stimulation to your muscle such as compound exercises.

building muscles 2

Build a good combination of hypertrophy and strength training and alternate between your set ranges and reps or both. Be it bench press, squat, rows or pull ups make it an intense workout session and increase the intensity over the period of time. This will give your body the drive it needs to build muscle but keep in mind intense workouts come with mandatory recovery periods.

When all is said and done you are going to have to give your muscles a chance to rest, repair the damage received during exercise sessions and that means giving a good amount of rest to muscles in order to avoid injury.

The last layer of advice is the use of supplements and while there are countless supplements out there you can extract the maximum benefits of your body’s muscle building potential by using just three of them. Multi-vitamin and mineral supplements like Orange Triad will help you bridge nutrition deficiencies, protein powder when it is not polluted with fillers and other chemicals can help tremendously during the muscle growth phase and last but not the least essential fatty acids that our bodies don’t develop on their own can be taken through Cod liver oil supplements on top of omega-3 eggs, fish and flax seeds.

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