Creating Your Own Fat Burning Training Workout

Woman Exercise With Kettle Bell - Crossfit Workout

A lot of people are not challenged enough by simple cardio and they need to up the game. If you are looking for ways to lose at and build muscle at the same you need to create an ideal metabolic environment for it that means you need a circuit training workout that qualifies to do that job.

Circuit training is a combination of strength training that is the best way to lose weight with short bursts of cardio that will pump up the blood flow and your heart rate both of which have the multiple effects of fat loss and muscle gain.

You will have to plan your exercises, get all the equipment you need beforehand, set out a particular time and then get started to finish all the sets of the exercise with little or no rest in between. Since the sets can be customized there is no one way to circuit train as long as you are clear on the basics. One circuit training workout method could either have you focus on the upper body one, the lower body the next or you could have a full body workout on the same day. Mind you there still needs to be enough recovery time between these sessions as the intensity of these exercises will take a lot from you.

One method of three sets that has been successful for a lot of people is when during set one there are 12 reps of upper body movement, then another 12 reps of the same muscles for upper body movement and then a 2 minute cardio. After set 1 you move on to set 2 where you direct your attention to lower body movement and have 12 reps, then again have 12 reps on the same muscle group and a 2 minute cardio to conclude. The last set will have you working a different muscle group in the upper body movement for which you need 12 reps twice and then a 2 minute cardio. Take a respite for 2 minutes and then repeat these sets one or two times more.

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Either weight training or body weight exercises would suffice and you can have the same cardio exercise for all the sets or change them. Jumping ropes, step ups, or any cardio would do. For upper muscle group you can do chests or shoulders, triceps, biceps or back in the first set and then choose another for the last set.

As for the amount of weight you use choose ones that really make you sweat it out. You are free to choose your exercises but compound exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, bench press, rows, overhead press, lunges, dead lifts and dips are great choices to work out a range of multiple muscles groups all at once.

During your next workout choose muscle groups that were not used previously so that your muscles could recover and you strength train in a balanced way.

Breaks between sets typically last 2 minutes and you need to drink water to stay hydrated. Other than that each set should only take about 15-20 minutes and you need to evaluate how easy or tough it was and then set your intensity level to push the next time you train.Work on all of this and you will definitely end up with the sculpted body that you always dreamt of.

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