Delicious Food Swaps To Make Healthy Eating Easier

food swaps

Processed foods are manufactured with lots of artificial flavors, salt, sugar and fat that give them an addictive quality because they taste so good they are almost always better than whole foods but there are still a number of healthy foods that can easily be switched in their place all the while giving more nutrition benefits and helping you eat more healthy.

The white noodles or pasta can easily be replaced with spaghetti squash in a meatball and spaghetti dish. This is so because squash can be cut in half, the seeds scraped out and roasted to make the noodles fall off which is a very convenient way to get a vegetable in the dish.

You can easily get rid of sourcream, heavy cream and mayo if you decide to use nonfat Greek yogurt for its high-protein low-calorie advantage. It tastes like sour cream and can be substituted in sauces. The ranch dip recipe includes yogurt, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, parsley and celery seed as a replacement for mayo and adding honey and frozen fruit to it will compensate for ice-cream.

If you are fond of adding cheese to omelets, pastas, lasagnas, burgers and meatballs grind up spinach or put a slice of it instead as it will have a similar quality when wilted and is much healthier for you.

For rice in Chinese dishes to pizza crusts and even mashed potatoes you can grind, mash and rice cauliflower that will give a similar taste but with lower calories and add another vegetable to your diet.

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Whenever you are craving sweets such as ice cream make do with a solid banana or better yet pure and freeze it as an ice cream. You can even mash it and use it in place of oil and sugar in other dishes and it will certainly work in terms of flavor.

Two extremely simple food swaps include replacing sliced eggplant with lasagna noodles and the high-protein edamame that happens to be a green vegetable with seal salt and chile powder in place of potato chips.

In salads add nuts such as pine nuts, walnuts, sliced almonds or pumpkin seeds instead of croutons which will add heart healthy fats to your diet. Another good call will be to exchange the use of white flour in baked items with the more satisfying and tasty purred black beans because of their high-protein and high-fiber structure.

We tend to use a lot of white bread in our daily foodstuff and baked goods and they taste great. So much so there seems to be no real alternative especially if you have picky kids to feed. A brilliant swap for breading is crushed brown rice cereal that has great flavor and health value.

Another white grain item that you might consider switching rom is pasts and the high-protein whole grain quinoa will easily take up its place in pasta recipes.

Processed whipped cream or cream has lots of trans fat but full flat coconut milk especially with added flavors of honey, cinnamon and vanilla is just as consistent. Change the mayo in your recipes with mashed avocado and a splash of lime juice to get more fiber and healthy fats. For tortilla or wraps in burritos go for lettuce leaves that adds more vegetables to your food and helps you cut calories.

So far there are swaps for real solid food but if you tend to snack on popcorns a lot switch the oily, salty and fatty microwave popcorn for a healthier organic corn kernels that is made on open stoves with melted butter/olive oil and sea salt.


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