Don’t Start Counting Calories

counting calories

At the base of everything you will read will be the idea that you need to consume sustenance level calories and then burn off more calories than you intake but if you are only getting started with weight loss it might not be best to start counting calories to lose weight from the get go.

The reason is simple: you need to learn about food and nutrition first and shift from a diet of processed and unhealthy food to healthy and good food. You should first consider improving the quality of your food and make sure 80-90 percent of your diet is whole foods.

When you start restricting your calorie intake without eating whole foods your body will start lacking in nutrients and restricting an already bad diet will slow down your weight loss process.

Nutrient dense diets make the weight loss process 10 times faster and you need to add essential nutrients in your food at the start.So the first step to weight loss is not cutting down food but adding good foods to your diet. Don’t start counting calories yet and don’t start starving yourself either. Just eat more fruits and vegetables and for the initial two weeks gradually add more fruits and vegetables in forms of smoothies and salads before moving on to the next step.

After you have successfully added whole foods for about two weeks you can start removing processed foods from your list. It happens involuntarily as your body stops craving for more food and is satiated on vitamins and nutrients. This way you will not mindlessly eat processed food and the amount of fiber and water coming from whole foods will nourish you and make up for a healthier body.

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This is the beginning of your weight loss journey. After your diet has shifted to predominantly whole foods you need to add in exercise. For constant fat loss your body needs a favorable metabolic environment and exercise will mobilize the fatty acids of your body and charge up important hormones. Don’t start exercising before you are getting proper nutrition so make sure you have a healthy wholesome diet so that you can enjoy your exercises and have enough strengthto continue. With proper motivation you can now create both dietary and exercise habits that will last in the long run.

It is after you have gotten a hold of these aspects that you may start counting calories if it is absolutely necessary to satisfy you. In many ways counting calories is both hard to do and counterproductive if you become too obsessed with it.

A more suitable method is implementing portion control and cutting down the food amount over a period of time. But if you are strict about body fat percentage counting calories will help you gain an exact figure.

By no means is counting calories bad but it is not the point of origin for weight loss and you can successfully lose weight without involving the metrics. What you need to learn is about food and nutrition, the amount of calories coming from a bag of chips and those from whole foods will have different influences so first start eating healthy and then worry about your calorie intake.

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