Essential Nutrition Habits To Follow

nutrition habits

Lifestyle changes meaning substantial change that last for a lifetime. That means we need to become habitual of things and activities that bring us closer to our ideal body composition and optimum health so that we don’t have to struggle to make good decisions each day but our habits drive us to make them on reflex.

One of such nutrition habits is slowing down. Yes it is the exact opposite of bringing in more physical activity but here we need to slow down in order to become more aware of our surroundings and stop pushing us in and out of situations continuously. Eating without pause or in a hurry is one of the reasons why we become overweight with time. For many people eating out, or forcing food down their throat in between appointments, quick lunches and fast served high-calorie food is the norm.

This makes us eat more than we should because we don’t listen to our body signals when it says it has been enough fed and not chewing each bite makes you miss out on that. So take each bite and savor it fully and stop when you are about 80% full as our body takes 15-20 minutes to signal that it is full or portion it out a bit before you need to eat to be mindful of how much you are eating. This way you can cut off the intake of about 1500 calories each day by stopping mindless eating.

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Eat more vegetables almost about 2 cups of them with every meal or beforehand as they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and disease preventing nutrients while at the same time they are extremely low in calories. This helps your body maintain its health and function properly.

Not only spinach and carrots but you also need some good fats in your system. If you are on zero fat schemes then you need to reconsider the choices you have made. You need the right fats to satiate your hunger and provide vital nutrition to your body. Get a mix of healthy fats including omega 3 from fish oil supplements, flax seed and walnuts or including avocados, almonds or coconut oil in your life as well.

As far as covering your macro nutrients you need to cover your carbohydrate intake honestly and rightfully earn them. We tend to look for ways to reduce fat and get an overall toned body structure but that can only happen when we stop eating processed food and refined carbohydrates. Carbs are fuel that provides us energy but if you eat more than you burn your body stores it as glycogen in the muscles or liver or as fat. So if you’re not one for too much activity cut down on your carbs or if you consume too many start being more active. The idea is to match the intake with your activity levels.

Last but not the least form the habit of eating plenty of protein as every muscle needs it for maintenance and repair and 0.8-1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight will both stimulate your metabolism, reduce body fat, make you feel fuller for lengths of time so you wouldn’t need to snack on unhealthy food and most importantly stop your muscles from breaking down.

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