Fitness Apps That I Personally Use

fitness apps

Technology has become integral to most of our lives and we use our smartphones and apps to keep track of everything from our appointments to grocery lists. Might I add these same iPhone apps can be used to stay fit and healthy and with the exception of one they are all free and easy to use.

For those who prefer working out from home and do not have any gym gadgets on hand the Nike Training Club is an excellent multi-featured solution. It has mostly women but men can also do the same exercises for 30 – 45 minutes on one of their preferred sections that could be Get Lean, Get Toned or Get Strong.

This app has video and photo tutorials for each exercise and a countdown for both your workout and the current interval. The more you log in your workout minutes the more app rewards you can get and you can even share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter. What’s more is that the app can sync with your library to play music or your calendar to remind you to workout. This is definitely a keeper since most of the workouts are from some extra talented female athletes.

Another worth mentioning app is LoseIt that does not just help you count calories but also helps you journal your food intake and exercise. It saves your recorded foods as well as entire meals so you don’t have to retype, you can also just scan the barcode of a food item to log it and create dishes out of recipes to be saved, it breaks down your daily protein, fat and carbohydrates intake and set goals and shows progress charts. You can even share foods and recipes with friends on social media and generally be aware of your food intake and macronutrient ratios.

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RunKeeper is another free app where you can add friends and share your motivation and experience by viewing their stats or pay for an elite version to connect with them while running which might cost 5$/month but other than that it gives you updated versions for the free deal as well. This app uses GPS to trace your steps once you strap your phone to your arm and set a coaching setting from target pace, intervals or fitness classes. You can save coaching settings, set goals and save routes, even choose to get feedback of how close you are to the goal, the interval settings beeps to show whether you need to run slow or faster, save all activities, enter manual ones for gym  and then at the end have a breakdown of each mile.

You Are Your Gym is a 2$ app available on iPad as well that comes from Mark Lauren’s book of the same title for bodyweight exercises. There is a 10 week program in it with details of bodyweight exercises broken down into push, pull, legs, core and whole body and how to perform them most of which can be done anywhere for beginner to difficult groups. You can also create and save your own workouts and record your reps as well as share them on social media.

You can free of cost download the Coach Calorie App to get more educated on fitness and health and then there is the free Seconds app for HIIT workouts that is pretty flexible. Specify your exercises, add warm-ups and cool down, choose your audio options, specify sets, seconds and background color for HIIT, circuit training, rounds, compounds and empty timers all at your own freedom.

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