Fitness Experts Sharing Their 3 Weight loss Tips

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Weight loss tips and techniques are best learned from prominent nutritionists, trainers, bloggers and doctors themselves. There is a sense of being overwhelmed because the sheer amount of points to implement varies from person to person and you can never truly encompass them all. Thus for the sake of relieving you from having to fish out the top three tips for weight loss we inquired a group of fitness experts about their three best weight loss tips.

The Director of Family Health & Wellness for ISSA, Kim Dolan Leto strongly affirms the need for a lifestyle change instead of looking for a quick solution for weight loss to make sustainable change. Find out exercises that you really enjoy doing and be empirical about weight loss goals by studying your portion sizes, calorie intake and master the ability to cook healthy food.

Jill Coleman, an ACSM-certified personal trainer and MS in Human Nutrition believes that we need to focus on one new thing at a time and implement it till it becomes second nature. As for food increase protein intake till about 100g per day and prioritize weight-training and intense workouts in the gym.

The NYT best-selling author Adam Bornstein encourages you to make dietary decisions based on their compatibility with your lifestyle, start keeping a food journal have enough rest period as a good 7 hour sleep will ward off cravings.

Ashley Borden the celebrity trainer is adamant on shunning products with partially hydrogenated oil, prepare and plan your meals for the week and workout to get in shape and achieve overall strength and performance.

The owner of Smash Fit, Heather Frey suggests you start thinking about looking and feeling better than mere weight loss and start changing your habits. To eat more by selecting the right kind of foods and show consistency by picking things that are long-lasting.

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Chairman of the Board or ACE, Chris Freytag believes in early morning exercises, eating clean food and avoiding processed junk and then work on building your muscles to burn those extra calories.

Jordan Syatt, a powerlifting world record holder, PN Certified Coach and Westside Barbell Certified Strength Specialist emphasizes on drinking calorie-free beverages, eating lean meats and veggies ad strength training.

Kate Horney, a Metabolic Effect Level II Hormonal Nutrition Consultant asks you to be active throughout the day if you can’t workout, to balance metabolic hormones and weight train alongside other HIIT and activities.

Christine Bullock is accredited for pilates, pre& post natal, nutrition, Barre, TRX and HIIT recommends eating raw fruit and vegetables as 50% of the diet, varying 2-3 types of workout each week and having the most satisfying meal at mid-day.

Dylan Klein, the Heat Nutritionist for Rutgers Football Team asks to maintain a substantial caloric deficit, ensure you take enough protein and continue making small changes to your diet and exercise.

Andrea Metcalf, celebrity trainer recommends starting out the day with positive thoughts and a glass of water, eating more vegetables and doing short and simple exercises each day.

Kris Gunnars is a personal trainer who advocates high protein diet, reducing carbohydrates and experiment to find things that work for you.

Malia Frey a UCLA M.A and personal trainer suggests counting calories, moving more and doing non-exercise activity (NEAT) while learning the difference between portion and serving.

Jenny Grothe an author, trainer and figure competitor believes in having the will to change, give time for results to emerge and making changes gradually and one at a time.

Frank Fata is an ISSA certified personal trainer and a celebrity himself who is adamant on eating breakfast, snacking smartly and doing sculpt three times a week.

The NASM and ACE certified Suanne Digre says identify self-sabotaging thoughts and get rid of them, join a fitness community and cook wholesome foods in batches and freezing them for later use.

Co-creators of Fit Bottomed Girls and Fit Bottomed Mamas Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead ask you to visualize yourself at your goal weight each day, to make sure you eat only when you are hungry and eat veggies with every meal and fruits with every snack.

Amy Dixon has been a former world competitive power tumbler and coach and focuses on exercises of all kinds by sharing three exercise-specific tips that include cross training, short bouts of exercise and having a well-rounded approach to exercise.

Creator of The 30×30 Project, Amy Clover, lessons to stop counting calories and focus on your hunger signals, to stress less and combine short-burst cardio with strength training.

Laura London, a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP) suggests you eat the best quality food, detox your body and write down your weight loss goals.

Blogger Douglass Robb urges you to make plans that wok for you, reduce carbohydrates and exercising daily.

Tamara Grand, a BCRPA Personal Trainer, Weight Trainer and Advanced Group Fitness Leader, and MenoFitness Certified Trainer, recommends you eat natural food, have protein in the morning and move around each day.

JC Deen created LGN365 and suggests you keep your expectations realistic, avoid low-carb and fad diets and train with weights.

Darian Parker, a NCSA certified personal trainer recommends nutritional moderation, finding people with similar goals and exercising consistently with increasing intensity.


Amie Hof created FitKit and uses mental notes to change actions such as brushing your teeth to get rid of sweet tooth cravings, shower in the morning to get active and aiming for a ten minute workout when you don’t feel like that will automatically turn into a full-time work out.

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