Health Foods That Aren’t Healthy At All

health foods

There are lots of misconceptions about food in general and it is only elevated by our drive to fast-track the learning process. Perhaps that’s why a lot of people mistakenly rush to buy presumed health foods off the shelf when in reality they are not that healthy at all.

Most of these foods are sugar coated or advertised as more nutritious than your average processed food but mind you they are still artificially sweetened, have preservatives and chemicals that are detrimental to your health and weight loss goal. The responsible thing to do, in this instance, is to get to know about these health foods and find a healthier replacement.

Before dwelling on food let’s talk about liquid power. Vitamin waters are a cop out from having to eat fruits and vegetables and earn those nutrients for a system but the packaged beverage holds synthetic vitamins and minerals that are not as effective as nutrients coming from whole food and have the same chemical-loaded recipe. A better approach would be to make your own vitamin water by cutting out fruits, cucumber and herbs and refrigerate them overnight and filtering out the solids from the water the next day.

Assorted healthy food.

To go bars seem to be fillers for appetite when we are in a hurry but they have the same ingredients of a candy bar with a slight advantage of having protein, whole grains or fiber in them. Other than that energy, fiber or protein bars are littered with calories, sugar and chemical. Carrots, celery sticks, nuts and fruit chunks can all become your to-go food but if you are adamant on buying bars read the ingredients and look for the one with the maximum amount of whole food content such as Larabars.

The simultaneous benefits of losing fat and gaining muscle are said to be made easy by protein powder but unless you have excessive demands of muscle the artificially flavored and sweetened stuff on the market just has fillers. A more natural and simple way is to add plain Greek yogurt via smoothie or nut butter and fruit.

And while yogurts in general are great, be mindful of their contents as even the low-calorie one has unhealthy contents and frozen yogurt isn’t much healthier than ice cream. Settle for plain yogurt with no extra ingredients and add your own flavors through fruits, nuts, raw organic honey etc.

Another concoction of the market is whole wheat products that may have toxic ingredients and sugars such as high fructose corn syrup to increase their shelf life. When going for whole grains or whole wheat do read the list of ingredients, seek out a local bakery or make your own bread using real grains.

A lot of times names can throw you off and make you believe what you are buying are good for your health because the product has catches such as “Healthy Choice” but the ingredients at the back would tell a different story.

Same goes for frozen meals that are high on sodium and preservatives and what you really ought to do is cook your own meal, make extra and then freeze it. Cereals even ones claiming to be healthy are not and rolled oats mixed with nut butter, fruit and milk would definitely make a better breakfast.

Deli meats and tofu or vegetarian products might seem like a rational choice but they have the similar problem of being loaded with processed chemicals. Instead grill your own meats, try the fermented soy-bean tempeh or for extra protein eat plants such as edamame, black beans, miso, lentils, spirulina, quinoa and hemp.

Last but not the least trading ice cream or milkshake for a commercial smoothie is literally ill-advised as the health facto is minimized by the added sugars and syrups. Next time make your own smoothie at home and whatever you buy outside that has enhanced taste and increased lives do check out its ingredients first. Better yet start making your own version of these health foods


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