How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight

how long does it take to lose weight

All good things come to those wait and this adage holds so much truth in it in regards to weight loss, it would certainly do a lot of good to any novice out there looking to get healthy and shape up effectively without putting his or her health at risk.

In a time when weight loss is all the rage and infomercials and advertisements bombard TV channels and the internet with quick weight loss remedies people are prone to using these dangerous shortcuts. You should understand that your body cannot be fooled and if you intend to play tricks on it, the reactions could be far worse than obesity.

When you are set on losing weight, go for the safest and most effective way. Set your expectations realistically and don’t assume a definite weighing scale and early timeline will help because the more pressure you feel the less satisfied you will be with the results.

A common suggestion is to lose 1- pounds each week but this only works on a marginal scale. Our body has both muscle and fat and our aim is to burn the latter while preserving the former. When we cut calories from our diet, or body starts burning the excess fat but if we start starving ourselves the body starts burning down muscles to make up for the energy loss which negatively effects our bodies and weight loss plan.

how long does it take to lose weight 2

To lose weight safely, calculate your body mass before starting and then set a gauge for weight loss accordingly. For those that have an excess of fat mass, the weight loss comes more easily but to check if you are losing weight effectively, do not count the numbers on the scale but the percentage of body mass lost.

Typically 0.5 to 1 percent of body mass should be burned each week, and the rate of body mass lost decreases with decreased weight but despite that you would lose at least the minimum threshold for weight loss.

You need to be mentally prepared to have to wait for the results. If you are losing 1 or 2 pounds the first month and the second month you only lose half that amount understand that your body mass itself has decreased and as a result the percentage of weight loss will also decrease. Use a fat loss planning calculator to allow yourself to monitor the changes at regular intervals.

A good estimate is the one where the time slot is the longest and your expectations are reasonable. It is just as much a physical exercise as a mind game so you need to stay motivated. Understand that the process will be gradual and check your weight after each month. Don’t fret if somebody else is losing weight faster than you because they might have more fat to lose. See the bigger picture and be clear on the front that losing fat is the objective which isn’t the entire weight of your body and be patient so that your body can adapt to your exercise and diet regimes. Most importantly don’t rush and don’t look for fast-track solutions as they endanger your health more than they benefit you.

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