How To Boost Your Metabolism

boost your metabolism

Metabolism is the basic functionality of our body that helps us digest good, turn those nutrients into fuel and ensure health through properly functioning muscles. To keep fit and either stop gaining weight or reap full benefits of dieting and exercises out metabolism should be at the utmost performance level and there are certain tips to boost your metabolism on a daily basis so that it can continue to burn calories.

From morning till night there are some good foods that you can eat to boost up your metabolism and even some drinks that will keep those muscles charged up. This way despite being on a diet or working out daily you are bound to feel fresh and energized and your body will respond better so that your efforts would materialize more visibly.

With a good metabolism you can lose up to eight pounds in four weeks and if you keep up a good and healthy diet where your intake through three meals each day is 1200 calories with permissible snack in-between of 150 calories eating itself could boost your metabolism.


The rate of calories being burned by your body can be increased by strengthening your metabolism and a percentage of five till seventy three percent calories burning can be attained.

Do not skip breakfast as at that your muscles are just revving up for the rest of the day and you need energy the most. Drink coffee or tea as that gives you enough caffeine in your system to get your muscles working through a round figure of a hundred calories.

Drinking cold water throughout the day also helps and you should drink at least a litre of cold water each day and that really goes on to benefitting you in the long run. Also lessening the intake of alcohol will boost your metabolism so high that your body starts burning calories at a rate of 73% and that in itself is a huge accomplishment.

However it is not all about the liquids as they make up the fluid constituents of our body and our muscles need good proteins and other nutrients to keep up with the exertions of the day.

Eating fibre especially viscuos fibre even if it is just 25 grams in your diet through oats or pure wheat it can churn up 30% faster the calories in your system. Organic food that has not been adulterated with pesticides is also good for your system as it gets easily digested and relatively gives you a much fresher feel.

how to boost your metabolism

It is important to include protein in your diet as that will go on to support the muscles that give your metabolism support and eating nuts, lean meat and eggs would do the trick. Iron is another nutrient found in spinach, shellfish and beans that are amazing foods for this particular purpose.

Last but not the least it is important to eat proper throughout the day and end it just as well. The vitamin d is a very essential category of supplements for our bones but it also gives your body mote tenacity and can be found in eggs, milk and many cereals.

When trying to stay fit it is crucial that your metabolism supports your dietary and exercising efforts and the easiest way to do that is by incorporating these simple foods and drinks to boost your metabolism in your daily life.

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