How To Build Muscles

build muscles

Muscle building is an important and basic part of fitness and weight loss but to be able to do so effectively require being mindful of a few or more than few tips:

  1. For stressing maximum muscle fibers use compound exercises and once you have made good progress you might then look into isolation exercises.
  2. Get stronger
  3. After workout eat meals high in protein and carbohydrates
  4. Between intense workouts take a 48 hours respite for muscle recovery
  5. Machines are not so bad but free weights are a lot better
  6. Drink enough water to stay hydrated
  7. To put on muscle eat at least your maintenance calories
  8. Take nutrient-dense food and have complete nutrition not just hit the calorie and macronutrient threshold
  9. Sleep for at least 8 hours
  10. Don’t just train your arms and chest but also your legs
  11. Do squats under the bar
  12. The maximum calorie intake should be around your workout
  13. After workout eat to maximize muscle glycogen storage
  14. Eat 0.6-0.8grams/ lb of lean body mass
  15. Alternate between types of exercises to get stronger continuously
  16. Do eat fish oil as essential fatty acids are important
  17. Be punctual and consistent about exercise and nutrition
  18. Between workouts aim to get stronger by adding weights and reps and reducing rest periods
  19. Lift weight with intensity
  20. Squat
  21. Lift heavy weights
  22. A 0.5lbs of muscle increase per week is good enough so be patient
  23. Maintain a raining journal of weights and reps that you will need to move forward from
  24. Plan your workouts at the gym
  25. Maintain a food journal
  26. Recover actively
  27. Make sure you know your genetic limits so be realistic about the outcome
  28. You don’t absolutely need supplements but vitamins, fish oil and protein powder might do you good
  29. Train to failure
  30. There is no difference between men and women workouts the muscle is the same
  31. Do squats
  32. Measure body fat to track lean body mass gains
  33. Take before and after pictures to gauge the difference
  34. Increase the intensity of your workouts and limit the cardio
  35. Do dynamic stretching
  36. Don’t let your body adapt give it new goals to grow
  37. Alternate exercises such as bench press, squat, deadlift and rows
  38. Take breaks for your nervous system and don’t do intense lifting day after day repeatedly
  39. Every few months take a full week off of exercise to rest and recover your muscles, tendons, joints and mind
  40. If you need motivation get a workout partner
  41. Do short intense workouts to optimize natural hormones like testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1
  42. Protein shakes are good but you also need to eat solid real food
  43. Reduce the fat gain by timing your carb intakes or implementing carbohydrate cycling
  44. Read about fitness and get educated
  45. Enjoy your workouts so that you want to continue
  46. Get nutrition before and after your workout
  47. Initially use 2-3 full body workouts each week
  48. Eat at night after 7 pm without assuming it would make you fat
  49. Be in good form to exercise
  50. Most importantly: squat


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