How To Get Most From Your HIIT Workout

HIIT workout

High Intensity Interval Training is the workout most recommended by trainers and fitness experts due to their effectiveness and ability to help us get in shape without consuming too much of our time but there are still ways to better extract the benefits HIIT have to offer.

HIIT are exercises performed that influence large muscle groups and are done in short bursts of intense intervals. They could last anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes per set and need to be really intense. Unlike cardio where you are supposed to maintain a steady heart rate HIIT requires you to push yourself to the limits, get your heart pumping and for that brief span of time focus all your energy on the exercise. If you feel like you can look around or relax into it then HIIT will not work for you as well. But if you amp up the intensity a 12-15 minute HIIT workout will optimally compensate for a cardiovascular and strength training workout.

A sprint will leave you breathless but at the same time it will gear up your body into fat burning mode. The same rule applies for HIIT which is short lived but it will activate your systems to build muscle and burn fat over the course of the next 24 hours. You can then start exercises such as pushups, cycling, burpees, squat or plyometrics and then add weight, sped and difficulty to them over a period of time.

HIIT workout 2

What you need to do for HIIT to be effective in the long run is continue changing your exercises and surprise your body which is adaptable to lots of things includes your exercise regime and intensity. After exercises the body seeks to recover its depleted oxygen reserves and the excess post-oxygen consumption burns fats for fuel. You should switch out between exercises and continuously increase the intensity of the workout to burn calories at a steady pace.

Between your weekly HIIT workouts it is important to give your body enough time to rest and recover. A lot of strain is put on your nervous system and muscles and if they don’t get proper rest and nutrition they will burn out leaving you exhausted and even cause injuries. So take breaks between your intensity intervals which your body will use to re-energize it and then start again when you feel like you can continue with the previous amount of intensity.

Take days off between HIT workouts when you just stay active but other than that let your body regain its momentum. These days can be filled with simple cardio or strength training workouts but only if your bodyis up for the task.

The most important aspect of HIIT effectiveness is the food you will consume while at it. Eat the right kind of food and make sure you get enough calories from your carbohydrates and protein to allow your body to continue performing well. You will be burning a lot of fuel and this level of activity is better performed an hour after a small carb meal and you should get a protein or carb meal afterwards as well. Your body will need food or else the negative energy balance created will cause you big trouble so eat like an athlete, rest up between your HIIT workouts and then keep going at increasing intensity to get the most from your HIIT workout.

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