How To Go From Average To Lean In 3 Months

losing weight in 3 months

The average amount of body fat percentage is twenty percent and while the number itself is good enough you can get even more lean to lower than down to twelve percent and get a nice ripped body. This however is not a year-round feat because using the dietary and exercise plan that spans twelve weeks to get into shape is typically set aside for special occasions such as weddings or before summer starts but you need to stay on a healthy diet when you are not following it in particular to ensure your body stays fit.

To build muscle you need to focus on proteins and vegetables and hen include fruits, lean meats, legumes, tubers and healthy fats through nuts and avocado for nutrition. Before a detail of what could a potential meal a day look like first know the guidelines of what kinds of foods and beverages you can have or must avoid.

Don’t drink alcohol and even if you do just indulge in red wine or soda occasionally. Eat your carbohydrates and fruits before 3 pm and must drink about 3 liters of water each day. Put emphasis on organic or grass-fed foods and avoid white grains like pasta, bread, grain and cheese as much as you can. Do specify a serving size for all your meals and don’t intake artificial sweeteners. If you need to have some raw sugar or honey and limit the chat meals to once per week but don’t exceed a 1500 calorie count.

With the basic guidelines set you can now eat a combination of different foods and have 5 meals a day if you start early. At 7 am go for 2 eggs, lean meat, starchy carb and fruit. After a workout at 12 pm get yourself a protein shake with protein, fruit, leafy green vegetable and healthy fat. Lunch at 2 pm and snack at 6pm should consist of lean meat, veggie or legume and some more veggie. For the 9 pm dinner have some protein and healthy fat. The food items can vary from day to day but make sure the serving size and calorie count remain the same.

losing weight in 3 months 2

As for the exercise regime strength training and cardio are not enough. You need to get in a HIIT and start with just 1 HIIT day per week as it will really put a lot of strain on you. You can substitute your other days with different workouts and then slowly lead your way to 3 days per week of HIIT to really get your muscles working.

A typical week on HIIT could include a 40 minute circuit training workout on Monday, and an active day on Tuesday where you rest your muscles but continue walking or yoga or some sort of simple exercise. Wednesdays can be your HIIT and cardio day giving twenty minutes to each of them and then do just 30 minutes of cardio on Thursday. On the Friday do cardio for 20 minutes and then 20 minutes of HIIT. On Saturday take a day off from HIIT and just be active by moving around a lot or walking. The last day of the week and a day after the rest day, would be your Sundays filled with HIIT field and track workout for about 40 minutes.

Eating healthy and working out intensely should always be a priority even more so when you are looking forward to getting ripped.

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