How To Go From Fat To Fit In No Time

lose weight fast

Admittedly there is a plethora of information out there that could help you with weight loss and they are justified to claim to be the perfect solution to all your dire problems but there are some very simple, highly effective and immensely basic ways to achieve fitness over the course of a time without having to do much.

A lot of people start their weight loss journey with dieting and exercising and while both have their places in the grand scheme of things they are not the most pertinent. Understand that your weight is the physical manifestation of all that you put inside your body and your body stores it because it does not have an outlet. Now imagine what would happen if you suddenly stopped eating less and working out more? Sure you would start losing weight but without adjustments to other parts of your life your appetite might return or you would exhaust yourself in the long run.

Before doing anything start working on the quality of you food. If you cut back calories from an unhealthy diet where you are not getting enough macronutrients you will feel even more deprived and body would crave more food than before. A transition this big requires patience and commitment so set a simple healthy food goal each week such as drinking water before each meal, replacing junk with full grain or eating more vegetables. Then after accomplishing each goal, make it a part of your new lifestyle. This would automatically replace unhealthy meals from your life and your body composition would start shifting towards the better simply because you are eating healthier now.

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When it comes to working out or exercising then yes it is absolutely necessary that you become more active and burn out those extra portions of fat. Not only strength training would definitely give you a good muscle definition it will provide you with a chance to enhance your metabolism. However, do not let the beginner’s enthusiasm fool you into putting needless strain on yourself. Start with a simple exercise for a short duration that you do once or twice a week and take are of injuries and sore muscles in due time. Once your body has adapted, kick up the intensity a notch by adding another day to cardio, pilates or any form of work out you are comfortable with and then gradually keep on increasing the intensity while making sure you are not overly exhausting yourself. Burnouts are not only physical but mental as well and exercising needs to be fun so that you can continue it in the long run.

Typically eating healthy and letting that divert you away from bad food and exercising will automatically help you lose weight but a lot of people are determined to cut calories to make the process more smooth. Again don’t be hasty and simply start by cutting off 50-100 calories from your diet and monitor the results. You will lose weight and then your body will adapt so cut off a bit more and make sure you are shredding 0.5% of your body weight from each calorie deficit. Another reason to take the calorie deficit slow is so that your body doesn’t adapt to it or you could cut off 500 calories right from the beginning only to see your weight loss hitting a roadblock and needing to cut back even more.

Using all these basic steps in moderation and being persistent while employing the best kind of patience and care your body deserves will definitely get you fit.


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