How to lose 10 pounds in 30 days


While aiming at nothing unconventional and not advertising any new product there are few people that can easily vouch for and wholeheartedly advocate certain practices pertaining to a month long plan with guaranteed weight loss of up to ten pounds in just a month.

People are always scampering after ways to lose weight but with added goals, the time factor becomes the key to this drive. If you wish to lose weight you must become an individual who does not step back from his commitments. Take up the “I don’t” attitude whenever you feel conflicted and wish to do something to jeopardize your plan all the while learning to love the process which promise results instead of only focusing on the goal that is a desired situation.

Start the month with a fast day and understand that occasionally surviving on clear liquids and avoiding food is both possible and fruitful to you. It resets your system and your capacity for food intake is reduced at the end of the day which further encourages you to believe you can restrain yourself. Yu can go back to eating from the next day onwards.

lose 10 pounds

Another activity to incorporate is a small, probably twenty minutes, workout that energizes you and throughout the day reminds of you to be careful to make the efforts worth it.

What to eat during a month can be a rather difficult question but before moving on to that make certain of a beverage and an appetizer before every meal: drink a glass of water so that you feel full and the extra portion which you will have just because the food tastes so good can be avoided and eat five almonds that are a source of good fat and will reduce your appetite.

The designated food should be all healthy meals and that means carefully plan what you are going to eat without worrying about a specific amount of calorie intake. Have a serving of lean protein with the rest two servings either fruits or vegetables or both and avoid excess fat through butter, dressings and toppings.

Eating this way you are likely to feel full and when that happens stop eating even if you are visibly eating a lot less. Another food rule is to avoid everything white such as butter, cheese flour, sugar, cookies, pasta, bread, rice and potatoes and substitute vegetables, fruits and proteins which can marginally reduce your weight.

To make this plan you need to burn 500 more calories than you consume everyday all the while abstaining from eating unhealthy food so keep a food journal where you track everything you eat within a day and at the end lose calories by brisk walking, cycling or any physical activity that does not take a toll on you and lose as much as 4 pounds.

lose 10 pounds in 30 days

At the end of the day you might get your cravings to refuel and the best way to solve them is by snacking on food in a planned manner and whenever cheating on your diet make sure the food that you are devouring for the sole purpose o tasting good is kept to a minimal number of calories.

At the end of it all keep on weighing yourself every day and monitor the changes within yourself including food and exercise to see how well the plan has worked for you and how firmly you follow the set guidelines.



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