How to lose 20 pounds fast

If you are looking forward to shredding about twenty pounds you will need advice that is guaranteed to work and deliver the results just as you implement on it. The guarantee comes with the condition that you follow these guideline principles with utmost dedication and by the end you not only become slimmer but get an alternate healthy lifestyle that will give sustenance to your new weight.

lose 20 pounds

First and foremost you need to determine your calorie intake and it is the most confusing part of weight loss because the numbers vary for different individuals. Count your weight in pounds and multiply that by 10-12 and you will get the amount of calories you need to intake and still lose weight. You can start by the maximum amount of calories and come downwards creating a deficit but if your weight loss stalls over 3 weeks despite eating 9-10 times your body weight you need to get your metabolic functions repaired as they are most likely damaged.

You don’t have to be obsessive about it but you also need to track your calories using a journal or apps like Lose it to make sure you neither too much nor little and hit the calorie intake mark you have set up for yourself close to 5%. After sometime people grasp the concept of portion sizes rather well to work without calculations but there is no harm in continuing calorie counting still.

It is important to stay on track when it comes to food so you really should plan your meals for the rest of the week beforehand. Realistically speaking you eat the same meals more or less and there are just about a dozen meals to plan that will suffice as variety for the whole of seven days but make sure you are adding protein to each meal at a base count of 0.6-0.8 grams per pound body weight, eat more carbs if you have an active lifestyle and have 15 grams of fiber per 100 grams of carb. You also need to consume healthy fats and other nutrients. What everybody plans differently and as per their lifestyles is the frequency of meals which doesn’t have much of an impact as long as the total calorie count stays the same.

lose 20 pounds fast

For you to stay happy with your diet and make sure it sticks you need to eat all kinds of foods in moderation. The restriction you put yourself doesn’t need to be absolute as you can eat whole foods 80% of the time and the rest can be your fun foods.

You also need to be active in general throughout the day and strength train to ensure your muscle mass increases as that itself regulates your metabolism and burns fats. It’s not just workout but the activities you do that work your muscles and lose fat fast.

Patience is part of the process as you will take about 10-20 weeks to drop so much weight and you will lose about 0.5% of your body mass each week but at the same time measure yor progress. Check your weight on the scales and see if you actually lose a pound or two in a week or not, measure your body fat using hydrostatic weighing or DEXA; use a tape to measure hips, waist, thighs, chests and arms and confirm your outward appearance with pictures of before and after. If you don’t see progress adjust your calorie deficit by a 100 calories or so but keep on the track and you will most definitely lose 20 pounds.



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