How To Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat

How do people with perfect waistlines and beautifully shaped torsos manage to look the way they do is a question that most of us ask ourselves and then resort to simply hating our guts.

In the literal sense of the word belly fat, it is the fat stored under the skin of our bellies called visceral fat that can cause some serious damages not only by making us look out of shape but point towards type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

For tips on how to burn belly fat you must first gauge how much excess fat you have. People seeming bulky or healthy might have body proportions that fir them nicely while smart people might have belly fat; the key to deciding is by measuring the area around your waistline and above 35 in women and above 40 in men should be considered dangerous territory.

To remedy it one must start looking at the intake of food and start avoiding sodas, junks and high sugar products especially ones that have “high-fructose corn syrup” and are misguiding people as a substitute for sugar but causing more obesity.

lose belly fat 2

The next step is to start eating more protein as more calories are burned in digestion for proteins and that gives your stomach a good working. Having 25-30 % of protein through eggs, fish, seafood, meats and dairy product will suffice and in case incorporating this amount of real food seems tough you can always use a quality protein supplement instead.

Also eat food high in fiber especially viscous fiber that generally help with weight loss and give you a better metabolism. They also help you burn belly fat as they focus on the area around your gut and eating cereals like oats and vegetables will also reduce your overall appetite or using fiber supplements might also help you through weight loss. Another type of quality food that increases your chances of getting a flat and toned stomach is food that is low in carbohydrates. Avoiding pastas, white breads and other forms of refined carbohydrates is essential to losing belly fat.

But above all the most prevalent solution to burning belly fat is through exercise and continuous movement. Walking in long strides, going up and down on stairs and doing aerobics in general like swimming and running will stretch your upper body will put stress on the fat accumulated around your stomach and burn it. It is not recommended to put focus on one spot and do endless crunches as hey won’t reduce your belly fat by much.

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Understanding how the human body gets shaped is important and the focus of losing belly fat is not just cutting out excess fat but toning it from an apple-like appearance with a wider waistline to a more pear-like appearance with broad hips and thighs.

Aerobic exercises, having more protein and fiber and lesser carbohydrates on top of eating less saturated fats while the polyunsaturated ones found in nuts should be preferred are all key to burning belly. Adding to all of this is an intake of one tablespoon vinegar to cut down stomach fats.

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