How to Lose Weight fast

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How to lose weight fast is quite possibly the most searched topic on the internet the key word being fats and losing weight itself is considered a chore rather than a well-thought out plan,

These searches are most often made by women almost twice as much as men especially around holiday seasons, summer and approaching celebrations where they have to look good but do not have enough time to safely lose weight so they decide to push it.

The biggest problem that most people seem to forget about is that nothing done in haste results in something productive and long-lasting especially when it comes to fitness. There are no quick fixes but only a momentary idea that people in their panic mode would readily agree to and would feel satisfied for a time period but eventually give up and return back to their old ways.

Losing weight fast means you will not distinguish between the muscle content, the water content and the fat content within your body. Once you ignore those definitions you will lose a lot of muscle along the way that actually helps you lose weight.

Our bodies are naturally designed to resist the brunt of being starved or shredded. With fats weight loss programs people end up on crash diets or taking in very limited amount of food that is nowhere near their sustenance levels. So while at the beginning you will lose an excess of weight that is losing more than just fat over a few weeks you will ruin your metabolism as well as send your body into cravings mode.

Muscles happen to be the biggest fat loss tools within our body and consume 5.67 calories per pound each day. When we lose this muscle and the hormones related to growth because of lack of nutrition our metabolism also starts slowing down and with this comes the stalling of weight loss.

lose weight fast

At the same time month of starving will make your body crave for food and you will feel drained because of low blood sugar levels. Not only that you might also face mood swings and frustration.

It is easy to be all chirpy and motivated once people start on the mission to lose weight fast but along the way they become too exhausted and demotivated because their body is unable and unwilling to keep up with their plans.

Since the progress is not continual but gradually slows down before coming to a stop most folks eventually give in to their cravings and start gaining back weight. Even if not right away after the day they pose as thin or slender they are back on their previous routine which makes all the effort worthless in a few weeks’ time.

The next year or till the next event comes along they search for the same fats weight loss program and get caught in the cycle. The best way to handle weight loss is by gradually changing your lifestyle and achieving long-term weight loss success so that you are not starving your body but just getting healthier.

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