How to repair a broken metabolism

broken metabolism

A lot of people fall prey to the regime of dieting and exercising without fully knowing the repercussions of their actions or the apt way to go about this thing which ultimately leads to damaged body, weight loss road block and a broken metabolism.

Before figuring out how to repair a broken metabolism you must first learn how you have been tearing it apart in the first place and then remedy the issue at hand. Creating a calorie deficit is at the core of each weight loss program; you need to burn more calories than you intake which is simple enough but leaves a vacuum of how much of a deficit is required.

Typically a ten to twenty percent of calorie deficit from your maintenance level calories is enough to warrant a satisfactory and safe amount of weight loss. This might seem like a slow start up but it is safer and definitely more sustainable.

Dieting is a very run-down concept that is rarely put to good use. A lot of people overdo their workouts in hopes of burning more calories. But both are detrimental to your fitness and a dieting/purging cycle mixed with excessive exercise is the perfect cocktail for a metabolism disaster.

If you are one of those people that think a thousand calories are enough then you are mistaken and will submit your system to cravings and starvation. Eating less would down-regulate hormones such as thyroid and leptin and your muscle tissues will start breaking down to compensate as energy. These same muscles are the ones that support your metabolic structure and burn calories throughout the day.

broken metabolism 2

Under such circumstances if you start doing a lot of cardio exercises you are going to burn even more calories but in a short while your body will learn to make do with a limited amount of calories and this adaptation will stall your weight loss. You will then have to eat lesser and workouts even more to lose weight with a down-regulated metabolism.

The way back to finding a good metabolism is by increasing your calories by 20 to 50 calorie each day and understanding that your maintenance calories are not as low as you think. This is called reverse dieting and it needs to be done at a slow pace till about ten weeks. The body will start producing more leptins and will send signals that it is fed thus your muscles will no longer be burnt as fuel and your metabolism will be up-regulated.

Even with cardio exercises if you are working out each day take it down a notch and do your exercises only few days a week. This will ensure that once your weight loss stalls you have more room to adjust more exercises.

Metabolism damage occurs over years through severe calorie restriction and excessive exercise and the way to repairing it needs just as much time and patience on your behalf. You are going to slowly start eating more so that you do not gain excess fat and learn to give your body breaks between exercise days. If you continue to take care of your metabolism you can achieve a better and more long lasting fitness lifestyle than one with extremes of activities incapacitating your metabolic structure.


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