How To Restore Lost Fitness Motivation

lost motivation for fitness

We are all humans and despite all logic and proof, we need proper fitness motivation in order to achieve anything we want and that includes fitness. This is a problem that any newbie, people who have been participants of various fitness programs and individuals searching for one face: the lost drive for fitness.

It is easy to comprehend that state of mind. You are not in good shape and life has taken its toll on you so you feel stuck in a rut. Add to that the pressure of looking good, feeling good and having enough energy to smooth sail and you have more work on your hand than you can imagine.

This is one of the reasons why people lose their excitement over getting fit. The results aren’t coming as soon as expected, or they aren’t satisfactory, the weight they have lost comes back or they find themselves emotionally and physically rained. With such failures it is easy to fall back into old lifestyle choices where unhealthy food and idle sitting were the norm.

But there are two simple ways to rekindle that lost drive for fitness that are both simple and effective. First and foremost understand that all it takes is making one small change at a time to take one step further towards your ultimate goal.

lost motivation for fitness 2

There is no rush to break old habits that are persistent so instead focus on changing small seemingly insignificant things one at a time to construct a new lifestyle. This could be drinking more water, trading cookies for a salad or taking walks to the grocery store instead of driving there.

It instills a sense of accomplishment without overwhelming you with the need to deliver instant results and the adjustments come easily. You need to realize it’s not the actions but the thought processes backing those actions that really matter and if you start thinking positively and focus on the moment you are bound to translate those thoughts into actions with much ease.

The other variable of the equation is to know and believe that fitness is for you not the world or somebody else and it is you whose physical and mental interests are at stake here. Sure there are people that want to look good for their significant others and like to be praised for their perfect abs but the major part of fitness lies in your newfound ability to feel good about your body.

Fitness is your decision to take care of your mind, body and soul and the inspiration should come off from inner happiness and contentment with the way you live. It isn’t an external activity rather a personal oath to take care of you for yourself.

Everybody has insecurities about the way they look and think negatively about what they can or can’t achieve but you need to push past all of the external influences to focus on becoming a better version of you.

Opinions of friends, family or strangers shouldn’t drive your efforts to become fit instead you need to think about doing justice to your health and start with baby steps to rejuvenate your body and mind. Don’t ever quit just start, restart or resume your journey towards your goals and inspiration ought to come naturally.

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