How To Stop Gaining Weight?

how to stop gaining weight

Whenever we think about our weight we try to lose those extra pounds and while there is nothing particularly wrong with that it is just as important to stop gaining weight as it is to shred those extra pounds.

As we grow older, we become more complacent and less active just as we start eating too much. This increased appetite whether due to stress or simply as a result of having too many parties at home can increase weight without you noticing. Also as we grow older our body goes softer and we don’t lose as much weight as we used to when we were young and this gradual process can become an obesity disaster a few years down the road.

Thus it is very important to continuously find ways to stop gaining weight and practicing them on a daily basis.

First off to stop gaining weight understand that inactivity is the main cause your calories are not burning up and fat is getting stored in your body. Walk more after meals and try to travel on foot more often. We put on most of our weight when we are eating irregularly without giving ourselves an outlet to exhaust those carbs and calories.

Eat more meat and include more protein in your diet instead of carbs such as white rice and bread. When you eat full grain food such as pure fiber or protein such as eggs and meat you feel fuller and have lesser appetite than when you eat rice and the protein in your body turns out to give you more muscle rather than fat and fiber boosts your metabolism. This way you can reduce 100 calories each day without having to go on a diet.

Walk at least 2000 steps in a day and do simple tasks yourself that require you to exert yourself. Strength training is another way to stop gaining weight but that requires you to take out time and commit to the activity. Just as well take out that time for physical activities.

Mindless munching on snacks in front if the television also increases your weight without you catching on to it. One incredible truth is that if you skip breakfast or not eat for a long time and then binge eat then you gain more weight than you would have from regular meals.

Set time for meals and take portions of 4-6 onz and stick to them. Do not get second servings and have salads for appetizers. Use fat free milk, avoid sweetened beverages and alcohol and do jot eat irregular or leftover meals. Drink water instead of sodas, use vinegar as salad dressing and nonstick cooking spray for frying pans instead of butter.

how to stop gaining weight 2

Alternate cheese, butter and mayonnaise with mustard, lettuce and tomatoes on sandwiches. Try going for yogurt as a replacement for sour cream and basically all creamy, fattening and unhealthy substances should be replaced as eating them day in day out does not help your cause.

To stop gaining weight cut out the carbs, starch, sweet and fat laden butter, alcohol, sodas, cookies and junk from your life. Be more active and limit your intake after measuring it and never eat directly from a bag so that you can monitor your portion while adding more protein and fiber in your diet. That is how you can stop gaining weight despite years passing by and not having to dramatically change your routine.


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