How To Turn A Dieting Plan Into Weight Loss

dieting plan

One thing that all dieters would face at one point or another is a slip-up when all the controlled and restriction techniques are cast aside in favor of a delicious and high-calorie meal that was nowhere near your diet chart.

If you think you are the only one incapable of sticking to your diet plan, you couldn’t be more wrong. This isn’t a rare occurrence and as a matter of fact this could be taken as a golden opportunity for your system. All you need to do is shift the way you perceive the outcomes the new few days and change your mindset about weight gain and loss.

Since we can’t lose weight accumulated over months by cutting off a few meals, we can’t gain weight by one extravagant meal either. And weight is not the same as fat. Weight is a composition of fat, mass, blood, organs, tendons and above all water.

You weighed in last evening at an acceptable weight and overnight you seem to have gained over five pounds, literally throwing in the hard work of the past month under the bus. But that is how you see things, not the way they are. Eating as many as 2000 calories will only have about half a pound of fat while the rest is water weight bound to come down during the day and be dissipated in the next 2 days or at maximum a week if you return to your diet regime.

There is no harm done as long as you don’t revert back to processed/junk food and cast aside all dieting and workout routines. Jump right back on the fitness program. To actually gain five pounds you would need to intake about 18k calories which is a far stretch from the meager amount put on by burger and fries.

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Another important thing to remember is that weight loss doesn’t happen on a 24 hours basis and our bodies operate on a cycle where energy balances over a period of time are the key influencers and reducing intake by a hundred or couple of hundred calories for a couple of weeks would garner the same amount of weight loss as you have put on.

You enjoy food and there is nothing wrong with accepting that fact. If you have lost control once or twice it doesn’t make you a failure as long as you don’t let it become a habit. To deal with the consequences avoid weighing yourself for the next few days so you don’t compromise your resolve.

In some instances going on a splurge might be what your body needed and you can treat the slip up as an essential requirement to refeed. After creating calorie deficits for lengthy periods of time your body starts sending signals that it is deprived of essential nutrients. Planned refeeds allow dieters to cope up with these cravings and re-regulate their metabolisms. This slip up could be your customized version of refeed to get those fat-mobilizing and growth hormones working after the calorie intake makes your body feel well-fed and sated.

This could easily work in your favor and so will other ways in which you cope up with your minor setback if you decide to be positive about eating on a whim and seek to get back on the weight loss track.


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