Is BMI Accurate?

is bmi accurate

Weight measuring tools aren’t designed to give us a detailed description of our body composition they are just telling us how heavy they are. In a similar way the body mass index is a chart that has two variables height and weight and which are corresponded against being normal, overweight, obese and extreme obesity.

BMI was invented all the way back in 1800 and after more than 200 years we are still using it, well most of us are to check if our body weight is suggesting we are healthy and fit individuals or not.

The answer to the question whether BMI is accurate or not is both yes and no. We must first understand that our bodies have a great deal of components; there is muscle, fat, water and organs all making up the weight on the scale of a weighing machine.

Now a specific person with a specific height is, according to the BMI, recommended to have a certain amount of weight in order to be considered normal.

But the BMI only works for normal individuals with lifestyles that are either static or a bit towards the end of lazing around. For fit individuals BMI is absolutely worthless.

is bmi accurate 2

All the athletes, fitness experts, body builders, cross fit competitors and those that live a healthy and sport-oriented life shouldnot take BMI for its word. Even you, if you are living a fit lifestyle and workout then BMI might not tell you what you really want to know

There are other measurement tools such as body fat calipers that will help you measure the amount of fat mass and nonfat mass and measuring tapes that willhelp you keep track of your bust, waist, hips and biceps.

This is because we have certain body compositions and body physiques. A person with excess fat and  a person with good muscle mass and a well-rounded physique might have the same weight as per the BMI but one would look obese but the other would look perfectly toned and in shape.

As an average person who has only just started out on a weight loss program the BMI might be a good guide to how much you ought to weight on a slight or no-build but when you start fitness programs and tend to workout vigorously your body composition would start changing.

You can diet and workout all you want but the scales will not budge much and yet you will see your waist coming back in shape, you will feel more active and your weight will be evenly distributed throughout your body giving you a deeply refined and muscular look. This is you replacing fat with mass in all the important places and at this point you should not look towards BMI as that would only contradict with the real stats of being healthy.

The lesson learned is BMI is not accurate for all individuals especially fit ones, what you should really focus on is your lifestyle description and body composition.

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