Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Bad For You?

high fructose corn syrup

We are all addicted to sodas, chips, ketchup and a whole lot of processed food that tastes great and we never really want to stop indulging in those because it feels so good and comes at highly economical prices. It is easy to pick things off the shelf and just eat them straight from the packet. What we don’t realize that the nutrition, the food and most importantly the flavors are just an illusion that our bodies do not react as positively to as we would like and have directly been responsible for obesity all around the planet.

The main culprit, or before the sentencing the suspect is High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is made of corn starch extracted as fructose and glucose and produced on a massive scale as a cheaper alternative to sugar which is pure sucrose that breaks down within our body into fructose and glucose as enzymes.

If the end ingredients are the same then shouldn’t they both be considered sugar and thus equally healthy. The problem lies in the fact that our bodies ingest HFCS directly through processed foods and directly attack our liver and bloodstream.

high fructose corn syrup 2

The onslaught causes our body to create fat cell production triggers and spikes in insulin levels. Also since they take minimum time to become a part of our bloodstream the body doesn’t produce fed signals and you are bound to overeat. HFCS also causes inflammation in the body and a vast amount of research shows how it is harmful to our health.

The corn industry and processed food industry has spent million trying to prove that corn syrup is just like sugar but the FDA has time and again pointed out the difference. They market that in moderation these are not as dangerous to us but the fact remains that studies show that it creates an almost 50% chance of being overweight and even the metabolic syndrome.

Not only weight but it also has contents of mercury and that is detrimental to neurological systems. Other diseases it can contribute to include type2 diabetes.

The problem remains that direct absorption of fructose and glucose in our body is bad for it and these chemicals in fruits are bound to fibers and nutrients thus they are digested slowly overtime. Now for something that can cause so much trouble within your system you must think that it would not be allowed.

The fact is it is a very cheap produce as opposed to real sugar that comes from sugar canes and beets. That means there is a lot of it and it is used in almost everything including sauces, sodas, ketchup, chips and all kinds of junk food to enhance flavor and prolong shelf life at the expense of your health.

Manufacturers of HFCS regularly try to emphasize their points but the FDA has turned out their plea to let it be called corn syrup to ensure people do not get confused and know that it isn’t real sugar. It is better to not take the risk even after such strong evidence and start eating raw fruits and vegetables or making your own baked goods and sauces. Best yet read the ingredients of processed food before using them and as a rule try eliminating processed food from your diet altogether.

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