Is Juicing For Weight Loss Fab Or Fad

is juicing fab or fad

On the social media there is a new craze over juicing for weight loss or juice diets as they are called and even television documentaries are showing individuals living on these juice diets for as long as 2 months and report to having lost an incredible amount of weight and being more active and healthy but before vetoing in or out any new ideas on the horizon we must first learn about them and their pros and cons to come to a final conclusion.

Juicing for weight loss is taking a lot of fruits and vegetables and running them through a juicer which gives you an extracted fresh juice while leaving behind the pulp. This is said to be more effective than eating the whole fruit or vegetable and gets directly absorbed into the system as there is no fiber present that will be slowed down by the walls of our stomach and intestine.

Juices are also said to help detoxify our bodies and help us not only lose weight but also evade cancer and improve our immune system. Juice fasting is when people go on a juice diet when they only drink juice and eat nothing else. This sure seems like the better alternative to eating a diet where you are bingeing on junk food and sipping beverages high in sugar but there are a few realities of the juice diet that wouldn’t be as obvious and as healthy on the upfront.

For healthy food eaters this could be like experimenting with supplements and finding a new way to intake juice and vegetables.

While there are definite pros such as the convenience of consumption and the amount of fruits and vegetables we can intake increases. There is a significant rise in energy levels right after drinking the juice and the buzz lasts a few moments. The juices themselves look, smell and taste appetizing and there is significant weight loss.

However the weight lost isn’t all fat but also water and precious muscle that you would have built after much hard work. The workouts will seem tiring and exhaustive and there is a lack of energy and keep craving for solid food. The excrements also are affected because we are not digesting much and the lack of protein is alarming.

Fresh juices in this regard became just another form of processed food that lacked the whole nutrients of whole and natural food and the satisfaction that our body needs would not come. This is why a balanced and nutritious diet is much preferable to a juice fast in a long run.

We can’t function properly without fiber and just having high-calorie vitamin water every day especially when we can lose weight through a much better process. For people that are far too addicted and overweight juice fasting might be a good start for a period of detoxification in which they transition their lifestyle and taste buds and get accustomed to the taste of healthy food but in the long run it wouldn’t be fair to your body to deprive it of protein and other essential macro-nutrients.

Juice fasting for a day or so might be good but if anything a smoothie with pulp and extracts of vegetables and fruits and protein supplements a more complete healthy meal than juice could ever be.

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