Lessons Fitness Teaches You

life lessons

Health and fitness does not only affect our bodies but the lessons we learn while on our journeys can be used and mapped onto all aspects of our lives on a daily basis.

One of the most practical yet elusive lessons is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and just in case you are wondering you don’t have to go through a big traumatic experience is by experiencing fitness at its most demanding form. When you are working out at extreme intensities you might feel out of breath and just about to collapse but if you keep pushing you will realize that not only you lived through all of it but also gotten better and stronger as a result.

During fitness your muscles break down then they rebuild to bigger and better than before because your body learns to adapt and expect to do more. The same can be said for life when you are facing something tough know that you can beat the odds by gaining more knowledge and understanding and becoming tougher with time.

Another adage is putting one foot in front of the other. You don’t have to accomplish everything today nor make all the efforts just this second. You need to stop overwhelming yourself over how to get to the end result. Instead take things one step at a time. The first ten feet, the first mile all pave the way to the last one. Similarly in life take things a few minutes at a time till the last minute doesn’t seem so far away anymore.

life lesson

A personal lesson to learn is to care for you without any guilt because the time you spend doing yoga or training will make you a better person which is more important for you and your family than slugging through life. Exercise more and eat better to get into shape and use that confidence as an indicator of mental fitness. Being healthy and happy will make you a better role model for your kids and a better partner even if you need to let go for an hour or half in self-care.

You can’t do things because you don’t believe in yourself. You are only limited by your imagination because a lot of people would say it is impossible to get a 6 pack or be perfectly toned. Yet the moment you achieve this perceived impossible you will realize that your dream job isn’t at impossible to get either.

When you realize that you are the only one who can control what goes inside your body you both feel responsible and empowered. Treating your body better will teach you how to respect yourself as well as other people will applaud you for your self-control and resolve.

Being fit not only makes you look good but doing pushups amidst teenagers and carrying yourself fully will give you bucket loads of confidence that will be visible to all those around you. You can beat diseases, be appreciated and feel great all at the same time.

Most importantly we form good habits and our brain loves to stick to routines. Knowing that you changed from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one will allow you to change almost anything in your life. Taking the time your body needs in order to adapt to a lifestyle change teaches patience and discipline in your day to day activities and will help you make good choices both in the moment and for long-term effects in your life.

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