List Of 100 Healthy Foods

healthy foods

Healthy foods have vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants and while there are thousands of them out there the ones below will definitely help you get healthy and reach your weight loss goals:

  1. Grass-fed beef that is high in vitamin E & C, beta-carotene, omega 3s and CLA
  2. Grapes that increase longevity through resveratrol
  3. Brussels sprouts that improve our DNA structure through vitamin K & C
  4. Whole wheat minus the processed ingredients
  5. Chicken that is low in fat and high in protein
  6. Pineapple that has a lot of vitamin C
  7. Green peas that have antioxidants preventing against stomach cancer and inflammation
  8. Asparagus that supports digestion through the prebiotic inulin
  9. Pumpkin seeds that make exceptional salad toppings
  10. Turkey that is lean meat rich in protein
  11. Lemons and limes for exciting taste buds
  12. Yams that satiate you
  13. Eggplants that protect brain cell membranes
  14. Plums that have skins high in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid
  15. Salmon that has good omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins D and B12
  16. Celery with peanut butter
  17. Sunflower seeds as snacks rich in vitamin E
  18. Papaya that has digestive enzyme and vitamin C
  19. Cabbage that prevents cancer
  20. Butter that has valuable fatty acids
  21. Ham as a protein diet
  22. Kiwi that protects DNA
  23. Chickpeas that make you feel full
  24. Cashews that protect cardio
  25. Garlic that manages blood pressure
  26. Eggs that give protein and prevent inflammation
  27. Collard greens that lower cholesterol levels
  28. Cheese that prevents bone loss
  29. Zucchini that has many carotenoid antioxidants
  30. Scallops as a protein, selenium and vitamin B12 source
  31. Lentils as a protein source
  32. Pears that prevent type 2 diabetes
  33. Milk that gets you protein, calcium, CLA and vitamin D
  34. Raisins that make good snacks
  35. Wine to reduce cardiovascular diseases’ risk
  36. Beets that prevent inflammation
  37. Greek yogurt that can be a replacement for cream or become a ranch dip
  38. Green tea that fights cancer
  39. Grapefruit that has vitamin C and antioxidants
  40. Beans that are high in fiber and protein and low in fat
  41. Cod that reduces cardiovascular disease risk
  42. Chia seeds that support heart and improve insulin sensitivity
  43. Artichokes that can regenerate liver tissue
  44. Cherries
  45. Sweet potatoes
  46. Almonds that lower LDL cholesterol
  47. Flaxseeds for omega 3 fatty acids
  48. Walnuts
  49. Peanut butter
  50. Coffee that might help you lose weight
  51. Spinach that has majority of nutrients
  52. Pistachios
  53. Pomegranate that lower blood pressure and protects blood vessels
  54. Seaweed rich in minerals
  55. Broccoli
  56. Dark chocolate
  57. Pumpkin for good vision
  58. Radishes that protect against cancer
  59. Cauliflower
  60. Strawberries that has cardio-protective antioxidants
  61. Bananas
  62. Steak
  63. Turnips that help liver
  64. Honey
  65. Cranberries
  66. Oats
  67. Brown rice
  68. Corn
  69. Apples
  70. Oranges
  71. Kale
  72. Bacon
  73. Blackberries
  74. Onions
  75. Spaghetti squash
  76. Tomatoes
  77. Green beans
  78. Edamame
  79. Apricots
  80. Cucumbers
  81. Carrots
  82. Peppers
  83. Avocados
  84. Blueberries
  85. Quinoa
  86. Pork
  87. Mushrooms
  88. Spices & Herbs
  89. Mangoes
  90. Shrimp
  91. Tuna
  92. Olive Oil
  93. Peaches
  94. Coconuts
  95. Watermelon
  96. Buffalo
  97. Pluots
  98. Water
  99. Alfalfa sprouts
  100. And any and every other healthy food you can think of

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