Lose 50 Pounds And Transform Your Life


A complete transformation, a change so deeply ingrained that you start looking at yourself differently, feeling differently and the goodies do not lie on the outside only takes patience and time. You can’t or rather you shouldn’t lose over fifty pounds in a matter of a month or two or even at the half year mark. By estimations that you lose a pound per week you should lose that amount of fat in a year.

The crucial part of the process is managing your time expectations. Once you have realistically decided over the gradual pace of weight loss you will be less stressed out about results every day and less prone to making bad exercise and diet choices in the long run.

You ought to change your mindset and realize that no change can be brought in overnight and for your outside appearance you will have to change your insides too. That means having an open mind towards changing your routines and your physical and dietary habits.

Fitness and health are rooted in a balanced psyche that urges you to make good decisions about what you put in your body and not only losing weight but maintaining it afterwards. The fraction of effort to keep you focused and motivated will largely influence the results at the end.

Start by changing one or two habit per week and slowly incorporate healthy eating habits in your life. Eating processed food is one of the biggest causes of obesity; instead move to more nutritious food such as fiber and protein while replacing the occasional average with water.

weight loss transformation

It is a lot easier to start drinking more water or giving up on a bag of chips one day and then moving on from there. Whole foods make you feel full and cravings for junk are lessened substantially.

You have to remove the idea that you diet your way through the fifty pounds. Dieting is always a short-term plan that can’t be stretched out for long periods simply because your body reacts to food differently and metabolism is structured around calorie intake.

This doesn’t mean you should not be mindful of your portion sizes just focus on the quality of food you are eating and if you are less starved for junk then take it as a sign of having healthy food in your system. Creating a calorie deficit of 15% is enough, any more and the metabolism starts slowing down so eat good whole foods and manage your portions that will last in the long-run and ultimately change your appetite, become your preferred food and enhance your metabolism.

Another way to lose weight continuously over a period of time is by managing your exercise regime accordingly. While a lot of us are immediately pulled towards cardio and steady rate exercises they don’t have a lasting impact and might not even help you.

There are chances of losing muscle definition with fat and the rate of losing weight differs in the first few weeks from the last few weeks. This is because the body has adapted to your new lifestyle and a good way to ensure there is enough lean mass in your body is through strength training as these exercises not only help build muscle and improve your metabolism but also churn through fats as an aftereffect that lasts up to two whole days.


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