Losing Belly Fat In A Scientific Way

lose belly fat

There are millions of people around the globe having weight problems. Weight loss is directly related to already existing abdominal fat mass, but there are few thing that can be done to get a higher chance of removing that stubborn belly fat. The below 12-evidence-based tips will surely get you started on reducing your waist.

Research has shown that strength training even just 2 sessions per week even without cutting your diet, marginally decreases your abdominal fat and also helps in improving your insulin level. So without changing your diet plans you can lose your belly fat just by introducing strength training.

That’s not it. Out of many pros to strength training losing stomach fat is only one of it. It also helps you build muscle and boosts your metabolism, which is a good sign for you.

A person’s insulin sensitivity decides how well your cells respond to insulin. Over years of eating junk and processed food diet without having an interactive or active life style causes high level of insulin to do its work that is to throw out glucose out of the bloodstream. In plain words higher the insulin level the more difficult it is for the fatty acids to move.

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The high level of fat that surrounds inner organs is a sign of reduced glucose tolerance.It’s a vicious cycle that requires each other to grow. Insulin sensitivity causes more inner fat which creates even worse glucose tolerance. But the good news is there are many things that can be done to help your insulin sensitivity and lose belly fat for good.


Insulin sensitivity can be increased by these 10 ways.

May be when they say slow and steady wins the race they aren’t particularly talking about this. Researchers during their study have found that higher intensity training is much more effective than a moderate one.

In another study, high intensity exercise reduced total abdominal fat as compared to the lower intensity workout, even though the time was evenly matched which means you can burn the same amount of fat in less time.

High intensity interval (HITT) exercise three times per week for 15 weeks compared to the same frequency of normal steady exercise was much more effective for the reduction of body fat.

If you are unfamiliar with the term HIIT, well it is when you do alternating intervals of high and low intensity exercises. Like sprinting for 100 meters and then having a normal walk for the same distance and repeating it for 20-30 minutes.

Stress level and cortisol levels are also the culprits responsible for abdominal fat.  Cortisol secretion might be responsible for the link between stress and abdominal fat distribution.

An all-out attack, i.e. from all angles on your fat can do miracles for you. It includes proper nutrition exercise and most importantly your motivation. How well you can manage your stress can be a key to reducing your fat.

It’s already known that smoking isn’t good. But new research has come to light which indicates that the current smokers have higher amount of stomach fat as compared to nonsmoker.

A vast study having 3500 volunteers showed that alcohol is related with greater waist to hip ratios independent of BMI in both men and women.After this study it can be concluded whoever you are you might be overweight or would have much more belly fat around you if you are an alcoholic.

Fiber is a good way to go if you are struggling from your fat. Fiber ensures good natural regulation of blood glucose levels. Its helps and slow down the digestion of carbs which causes glucose to move more easily to the blood stream. Glucose as said earlier drops your insulin level and consequently end up mobilizing fatty acid.

We all understand the risk trans-fat contain.  Only 2% of calories through trans-fatare known to increase your diameter. The main attraction of trans-fat food comes from processed and packaged foods. It’s up to you to verify what products you can eat that don’t have trans-fat in it.

Fish oil is a great way to go for it as fatty acids cannot be manufactured by the body and need to be ingested thru your food. You have to consume foods rich in omega 3 which includes walnuts,chia, flax seeds etc.

Sleeping helps a lot. Sleep deprivation in known to cause weight gain and obesity. In most studies researchers agree the optimal amount of sleep is from 7-9 hours.

In study conducted, 25% of calories from protein as compared to just 12% resulted in a much greater amount of abdominal fat lost. Conclusively replacing a good amount of protein and carbohydrates can reduce abdominal obesity. Take these ten tips to heart and you might lose your belly fat faster than you think.

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