Losing Weight From Belly, Hips, Butt & Thighs

belly fat

Our body composition has muscle fat and blood all flowing in unison and combining to form our body structures but it hardly occurs to us that if the rationale that we don’t decide where to put on weight is true to a fault we can’t possibly decide where to put it off from. People are deluded into believing that target exercises such as sit ups for thighs or abs crunching for six pack work but in reality they don’t work on these target areas specifically.

What they do is stimulate muscles and hormones that affect the entire body which can be achieved by other physical activities just as well.

What you need to do from the beginning till the end is be patient. Don’t expect the excess bulge in your thighs or tummy to go away in a matter of days and whenever you draw comparisons with people that seem to have achieved this goal notice that they lose fat from all parts of their body and since each of us have a different structure the same process could give birth to various results.

Focus on a steady and continuous body fat percentage loss and know that fat loss is not localized to one region but runs systematically when our brain transmits signals to release fat-mobilizing hormones that spread all over the internal system and extract fat, converting it to fuel for muscles and on the stoppage of the signals stores fat inside the body.

Now where exactly this excess fat is stored depends on both internal factors such as genetics, gender and hormones and external factors such as lifestyle which is why we can’t lose fat in a manner completely mirroring somebody else. Our metabolism, it’s tenacity to churn fat decides that for us.

butt fat

Hips, butt, belly and thighs are areas where fat is quite stubborn and it takes a while to lose it. That is because there is a lack of blood flow and a high concentration of alpha-2 adrenoceptors that have trouble mobilizing fat in general. To overcome this good blood flow is essential so that the fatty acids can be taken away by fat-mobilizing hormones.

Since these areas have a high count of Alpha-2, the receptors in these areas can also be inhibited by alternate means. The insulin level can be brought down by eating less or insulin sensitivity can be increased through exercise both of which lead to a low demand of insulin in these areas.

Not just getting rid of these at but hampering their storage from the initial stage is also possible by eating whole foods that digest slowly and insulin levels remain well below the line.

The hormones and insulin levels are also partial to high intensity workout that promotes insulin resistance and burns the glycogen in muscles improving insulin sensitivity. Such exercises tend to burn more leg and abs fat because they release fat-burning hormones and the nature of these exercises puts stress on certain body areas that simple cardio does not offer.

There is no direct path to losing fat from a certain area on your body but if you are disciplined enough to lose overall fat, do HIIT and eat properly to create the right amount of energy deficit for the right period of time you are bound to stimulate fat-burning hormones that will take care of these areas at a constant rate.

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