Love Food While Maintaining Fitness

maintaining fitness

A lot of people decide not to enter weight loss programs or start trying to be healthier because they are conflicted about their love for food and their goals of weight loss. Adding to that misconception is the notion that once you start the healthy lifestyle, restaurant food and indulgences need to be thrown out the window forever and every meal you eat from then on wards needs to be of a specific kind and size which is entirely too boring and not true at all.

We are born with taste buds so it is only natural we should eat food that are delicious to us but we are also given our hunger signals which need to attune ourselves to in order to love food and still be fit.

Think of your weekly diet as something akin to your weekly expenses. If you spend one day in extravagance you only need to cut back the other day to make things work. And no matter what you eat it should come by in a ratio of good food and indulgences at the fast food shop.

If you are only beginning to lose weight try a 90/10 ratio where the majority portion of your diet should be healthy, nutrient-dense food and the rest can be fast food. But as a general rule a 80/20 ratio suffices as long as you also try to be creative and loving towards your 8% of good food and find new recipes so that they are just as fulfilling as the 20% of your foodie foods.

Close-up of a woman eating healthy food.

The rest of the tips are not directed towards food per se but how you handle it. For starters enjoy each and every bite of your food at every meal and make it a habit to chew slowly, taste each morsel and the ingredients within and enjoy it. This helps your body get a certain amount of satisfaction and your hunger signals can easily tell when you are full. Mindless and quick eating does not allow your body to react when you are full and you will most likely eat more than was necessary so slow down at each meal and make it a pleasurable experience for your taste buds.

The next tip is to manage portion sizes from meal to meal and if you over-eat one day than day to day but be smart and cautious about how much you are eating. Foods that are high-calorie or come in large portions are tempting but if you take your time with each bite, share it with somebody or get it packed in a to-go box you will less likely binge on it.

A contextual factor is eating with your loved ones at a table and be active in talking, laughing and sharing your food. You can experiment on new recipes and really enjoy healthy food and have multiple people to connect with while being mindful of what and how much you are eating.

Loving food should also come from you loving yourself and your body and staying fit should be the evidence of acts that support your claim of love. To do that just try to live a more active lifestyle and find ways to get up from the couch or chair every now and then if only to stretch your legs and try walking short distances, taking the stairs every now and then and in general giving your muscles a brief workout every other hour or so.

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