My Experience

Name: Jake Myers

Age: 22

Being Shamed and Put Down

“I can remember collapsing and the next thing I know there’s a doctor checking up on me in the hospital”


Hello I am Jake and I want to share all the terrible things I have heard and suffered throughout my teenage and the reason as me being too fat and as some of my torturers put it being “fat and ugly”. I have always been a healthy child and while in the beginning it was associated with being cute and cuddly and I was called the chubby kid at worst things got real bad when I entered my teenage.

Looks are such an important part of us and to seem so out of shape made me the regular joke in my class and eventually the cafeteria and the campus.

fat boy

I got degrading nicknames such as ‘fat man’, ‘cheese ball’, ‘man-boobs’ and ‘humpty dumpty’ but some were even worse and not mentionable at all. Having to endure all of that without being able to do anything about it filled me with a deep sadness and even after leaving high school when I though life would get better it got tougher in college when everything was scaled out to a larger humiliation and my seniors started picking on me right off the bat.

I was ragged, pulled out of my dormitories to be made fun of and forced to do things such as humiliating dance moves, lots of pushups and jumping on one spot all of which my body did not have the strength to bear and it was not just emotional pain anymore but physical one.

My stamina was at an all-low point so running and walking were very hard let alone other exercises and I started getting short of breath. This did not deter people from pushing me around and the teachers did not pay any attention to me at all.

Even my football team coach was inconsiderate and once he pushed me so far that I collapsed unconscious. A few jocks were bullying and I reacted by pushing one of them who fell to the ground and although the coach saw everything he punished me only and told me to run 10 laps around the football field. I was having troubles from the get go, I told the coach my condition was worsening around the 2nd lap but was ignored and by the 4th lap I had passed out on the field.

I woke up in the hospital where the doctor explained how my obesity caused my body to lose stamina and not be able to take that amount of stress and the only solution was to get slimmer and shape up.

“I have lost all confidence in me and college does not seem worth the trouble anymore”

Shaping Up

“Oh god my life is totally wasted unless I lose some weight, I need to lose some weight”

I figured my bad luck would end and people would take pity on me on at least leave me alone but the next day was even worse than before because not only all he boys in my class started making fun of me, my lack of stamina but also made an embarrassing show of how I had fallen down and the girl I had a crush on joined them in their efforts to completely degrade me.

It was then that I got desperate enough to start looking for answers everywhere and relentlessly browsed on the internet that seemed one of the easiest way to find information on losing weight. I went through articles, blogs, videos and a number of websites that spoke of this subject matter in extensive details and even found out exercising and work out tutorials.

I read about diet plans and what to eat and how to sit, sleep and maintain a good posture. I followed the steps carefully. All the diet plans helped me with becoming a healthy person but I could not lose weight the way I wanted to. I understood that I needed to have an overall healthy lifestyle to be able to lose weight and spent a good amount of time but the realization struck late and I did not have enough leisure time to spend on this cause. Dietitians suggested I compromise over my goal as this was how my body stature would be no matter what I did and losing weight was not possible.

The healthy eat, the good diet and the good lifestyle was making me healthy but I was still disappointed and wanted to give up when I saw the advertisement for the 3-week Diet Guide. They claimed results that I wanted to be real for me but seemed extraordinary. But having tried everything else I decided to give it a shot just as well and bought it online.

It wasn’t just specific to losing weight although I did get to know about how to my body in shape, it taught me about the kind of foods I should eat to keep my body fit and also gave me a few light exercises to do. I started on the planned diet for week one which was easy and enjoyable and as pleasantly surprised when I lost 10 pounds to the end of the week. It was unexpected but I knew then and there that I had found a plan which worked and got motivated to finish the course.

The second week was a bit challenging but I continued because the manual instructed us to fast for a few days and that was difficult to implement as I was very fond of snacking at odd times but I did not give in to those temptations.

Were the results satisfactory?

“I cannot thank this guide enough that has finally helped me build a healthier image of myself”

For sure they were better than I could have hoped for. I lost 21 pounds in 21 days and that is saying something because it seems like a wonder of the word to me!  I am so happy and excited all thanks to the 3-week diet guide.

It changed my life for the better. I finally look at myself and seem to emanate confidence for having achieved my goals at last. Looking so good is a true gift and the happiness that comes from knowing that is worth sharing and I finally found the prettiest woman to get engaged to.

This diet is the gift of the gods and I owe part of my achievements to it and if there is anybody else out there who has faced the same struggles I strongly urge them, request them and with the most sincere heart advise them to use it.

In just a month you will change so much for the better without any objections and even then this product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee so that you only lose your weight and not your money or confidence in the 3-weeks Diet Guide.